Book Review: Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Alice in Zombieland

I read this book in three days.  Which has not been the case with recent books I have read. Don’t worry, I read the second one just as fast and I am terribly annoyed that I have to wait until September 20th to read the final book.


Alice Bell has never been out at night.  Her father forbids it and if there is a chance they will not be home before the sun sets, they will just stay at home.  Alice’s father sees monsters and is also an alcoholic.  She thinks it’s all in his head…until one haunting night when her family dies in a car wreck.  Finally, once her parents and her little sister are gone, she sees what her father saw.  The monsters that have haunted her father for years.  She now knows the truth, the monsters are real.

At first she thinks she has gone crazy because of the trauma.  That is until she meets Cole Holland.

My Opinion:

Honestly, this book had me hooked from the first chapter.  I couldn’t put the book down.  The first night I read I was falling asleep trying to read the book.  Not because it was boring, but because I was super tired.  Then you got a little introduction to Cole, and you know instantly that there is going to be some kind of romance in the story.  If you want to reel me in after you have hooked me, throw in a gorgeous bad boy who is secretly a really nice guy. I can’t help it, I am a sucker for a good love story.  Add zombies to the mix and I am done.

I was up until 6 am just about every night, reading this book.  I just could not put it down.  It was an emotional roller coaster and I didn’t want to get off until I was forced off.

After reading the book (and quietly crying because it was over) I went to goodreads and read a few reviews, just to see what others thought about it.  A few people loved it, but others hated it.

The biggest complaint I saw was that it had nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, like the title implies. I say, the people who think this didn’t take the time to really think about the book.

Let me lay it out for you, without ruining the book for you.

Alice just fell down a rabbit hole, but it wasn’t a hole and she wasn’t following a rabbit.  It happened in the form of a car wreck that killed her entire family.  She is thrown into a whole new world.  A world without her parents and little sister.  She goes to live with her grandparents who she doesn’t know very well, and she is sent to a new school.  It’s a new world and it’s full of strange things now that she can see the zombies.

Where is the mad hatter?  Cole Holland IS the mad hatter.  He is slightly unstable but you can’t help to want to be around him, at least Alice couldn’t help it.

There is even a white rabbit! It’s in the form of a cloud and it shows up at certain times to warn Alice about something.

It is Alice in Wonderland…with Zombies.

Should You Read It?

If you like zombies and love stories then yes! Please go read it.  There is a whole new twist to zombies and I love it.  Alice is an actual character who is so stubborn that you will want to reach in the book and shake some since into her.  She isn’t one of those blank characters, created just so some girl can throw herself into the book and pretend it’s her.  You will be annoyed with Alice, jealous of her, angry, and happy for her.

And let’s not forget Cole. If only there were more Cole’s of the world.  A Cole for every girl. *Sigh*


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