To Buy, Or Not to Buy?

As some of you may know, I play sims.  I play a lot of if Sims.  I started with Sims 2 right before Sims 3 came out.  I had almost all the expansion packs for Sims 2 and my computer couldn’t handle it.  I actually completely and totally crashed a computer trying to play Sims 2.  I know, I should have been smarter about it.  

Well, now that Sims 4 is about to be released I am in a debate against myself.  Do I buy it, or wait?  There are obvious reasons to get the new Sims game, but there are also reasons to not get them.  

Though, the more I think about it the less important the reasons not to get it become.

See, the graphics are way better.  Like…tons better.  Just look at this!

Sims 4 sims3

You may have to click on the images to make it bigger, but you can obviously see how much nicer Sims 4 is going to be.  Also, how awesome is my Sims 4 Sim?? She just looks so awesome! I want to be her.

Aside from the graphics there are a few things that worry me.  Supposedly, there are no longer any toddlers.  I think I can handle that.  It’s also a mix between the SIms 2 and Sims 3 when it comes to the world around your Sim.  At first this turned me against it completely.  I enjoy being able to move around town in Sims 3.  But, it looks as though Sims 4 has a neighborhood that you can move around it, but work, school, and other things that take up time are no longer a place you can randomly visit.  

The more I think about it the more okay I am with it.  I mean, with buildings, random sims, cars moving around, and animals all over the place, Having a smaller neighborhood is probably for the best.  Less loading times and my computer won’t spaz out trying to run everything.

Why am I even debating this?? It should be simple.  Just buy Sims 4.  Though, that is a lot of money to spend on a game I may not have a lot of time to play.  Someone make this decision for me! 

Have a great day friends.  Tomorrow I will be back with that book review I was telling you about yesterday!


4 thoughts on “To Buy, Or Not to Buy?

  1. minniex says:

    If I had the money and a pc, I would definitely buy it. I’m so mad, because I have a mac, and there isn’t a version for it yet. But when they release one, I’m going to get it! It looks soooo amazing…ahh I want to make my own sim so bad!!

    • Heather M. says:

      I think I am going to wait a little while before I buy it. I have been watching videos of the game from people who were sent an early copy for promoting. It looks like it still has a few kinks in the game. Maybe once they release it for mac it will be better.

  2. lorellepage says:

    If you are like me, you’ll obsess about it until you have it – unless you stick with a decision once you’ve made it. Normally I’m all about the graphics 🙂 Like any game, wait a month, see how it’s received and then look at the reviews 🙂 My daughter loves sims 3 and she is going to stay with sims 3. Happy simming!

    • Heather M. says:

      I think for now I will be sticking with Sims 3 as well. It seems like there are still a few kinks in the game. A few Youtubers I follow have been given early copies for promoting. Watching those videos helped me make up my mind. lol

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