Hello Monday


I know I keep popping in and out of here lately.  I have had a lot of things to figure out.  I have had a little growing up to do as well.  I came to a few new conclusions and just trying to live every day on a positive note.

Here are a few things I learned (Did you miss my lists?)

  1. The less you care, the less it worries you.  I worry so much about getting everything done at work.  I bust my tail trying to get things done, while everyone else sits around and plays on their phone.  Okay, not everyone, just most of the people I work with.  I was doing my job and their job because I didn’t want to get in trouble.  I stopped caring and now I leave work a little less stressed. 
  2. If you don’t like something, change it.  I have grown to hate my job because the management sucks…and the employees don’t want to work.  The customers are great!  I love working with the public and meeting new people.  But the job is causing me so much stress.  It’s not enough money for all the stress it causes.  Also, I have not been doing cakes like I wanted, so there really is no reason for me to be there anymore.  So, I have started applying to other jobs.  Fingers crossed!
  3. 29 is not the end of the world.  As some of you know, my birthday was August 21st.  It is my last year in my 20’s and I was starting to feel a little disappointed in life. I haven’t had the experiences that others my age have.  I thought I was running out of time.  But then I realized that while I have not had the same experiences, I have had other experiences that have molded me into a beautiful human being.  And no one can take that away from me.
  4. Retail doesn’t suck.  Just the people you work with.
  5. Weekends are not that big of a deal.  I have never been the party girl.  I have never wanted to do a lot on the weekends.  But for six years I didn’t work weekends.  Working at the grocery store that I am working at now, I have not had a weekend off since I started.  I realize, it’s not the weekend that matters to me.  It’s having two days off to rest.  Those two days can come in the middle of the week, and it’s actually a better thing for me.  You can run errands one day and rest the next.  Weekends mean nothing once you are out of school.
  6. No matter where you go, high school will follow you.  You will always have drama around you.  You will feel like you are in high school because of the stupid things people complain about and fuss over.  But the difference between now and high school is that I am older.  I can step away from that drama.  I don’t need it and I refuse to be a part of it.  In high school you had friends that would drag you into the drama, but as you get older you realize that you don’t need to follow every thing your friend does.  I choose to be the adult in situations and step out when it becomes redundant and pointless. 

That is all I have for today’s list.  I have a few things coming up this week and I am planning to make this a full week of blogs.  Even if my week is going to be super busy.  I have a movie review (“If I Stay”) a book review, and a show review (True Blood finale.)  Who knows what else I will talk about.  

Have a fantastic Monday friends.  It’s only going to get better from here.


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