There is No Spoon


I was looking through some funny questions.  I do that sometimes, I think I just like answering questions.  One of these questions really stood out to me.  It kind of comes to a few things that I think about in the car…when I am alone and my mind is free to wander where ever it pleases.

Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you?

Here is my answer; Yes! 

Would you like an explanation?  

Here goes.  You might get lost in the roads of my mind…you have been warned.

I often wonder if maybe my life is already over.  What if this is just my life flashing before my eyes.  You know, they say when you die you basically relive your life.  So what if that is what I am actually doing right now.  I am laying in my death bed, waiting for my mind to catch up to what is actually going on.

Yeah, this thought actually sends me into a bit of a panic.  I’m obviously not ready to die, but once I get to the end of my flash back I will be happy with a wonderful life I have lived.  At least I hope I have a wonderful life after I get out of this mess I am in.  I imagine I will live a great life.

Or have I already lived a great life?

See what I am saying!! Crazy, twisty, odd roads of my mind!

Then there is the thought that nothing happens unless I have some hand in.  Stay with me here…this is going to get a little crazy.

Maybe this comes from the whole “You are not the center of the universe” thing, but just hear me out.  What if nothing in life is real.  It is only real because you thought it up some how in your mind.  What if we really are in the Matrix, but our own minds warp the world around us?  

Okay, this is going to get crazy if I don’t stop.  Let me use an example. There is an episode of the Twilight Zone called “A Matter of Minutes.”  This couple wakes up to hear construction going on.  When they check it out, there are a bunch of men in blue, with blue tools and vehicles.  As they start walking around their neighborhood, these men are told to catch the couple.  The couple run and find themselves in a what void and a man.  

This man tells them that they have some how made it ahead of time.  They are in the part of time that is still being created.  The couple finds out that time is built minute by minute, and then taken apart once that minute has passed.

It’s a great episode, you should watch it. 

Actually, you can watch it here… Thanks Youtube!

Anyways, I kind of see life like that.  Like maybe the world really is centered around me.  Maybe none of you are real, it’s just me in my own little world. 

Soon enough I will catch up to my death scene, or wake up from a machine the doctors have put me in for experiments, or look too quickly to the side and find the end of time.

Your turn, you answer the question.  Or have I fried your brain with my crazy thoughts?  I could go on…I could go on for days about this, but I will spare you the headache. 


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