Monday Madness: Kickin It

Hello peeps!! I am trying to keep on top of things and I am bringing this blog back to life. I may even revamp my page…but seeing as I can only do so much with a free blog…that may not actually happen.

Anyways, happy Monday everyone! I keep forgetting that it is Monday. My days are all mixed up and crazy now. I have to actually look at my lovely agenda just to see what I need to do every day. It’s a wonderful life when it’s a busy one. 

On to the fun! Here is a video that I saw yesterday that I just fell in love with. A mother leaves the house to do some shopping, leaving her kids at home with their dad.  This dad is simply amazing. Instead of sending his kids outside to play or to their rooms, he pulls out the video camera and has a little fun.

My dad has always been a big part of my life. I found it funny when I saw that the new parents, the guys my age, didn’t have much to do with their kids.  This video restores my faith that there are some dads out there trying to stay in their kids lives.  Also, the little girl is adorable and the song is super catchy.

Have a wonderful day. And check back tomorrow for my movie review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 


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