If Sims Were Real

First off…HAPPY FRIDAY! To those of you that work office jobs or anything not retail, and Friday’s actually mean a weekend of rest… For us retail folks, it’s just another day because chances are, tomorrow we work. 

On to the topic. 


As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have been playing a lot of Sims 3 lately. Mainly because I am so super excited for Sims 4. 

While playing Sims I started wondering, why can’t life be like Sims? Life would be so fantastic, and I’m not even talking about the cheats that you can use for money. I am talking, straight up Sims 3, not cheats, just hard work.  Because really, it’s not that hard to make money in the Sims.

There are several ways to make money in Sims 3. I am only talking about Sims 3 because I haven’t played Sims 2 in a long time and I never played the original. 

Here is a short list…because you know that I love making list!

  1. Flowers.  You just go and pick flowers.  Some can sale for a few hundred simoleons. If your Sim spends a few hours picking flowers, then sales them all, there is plenty to use for food, building, paying bills, and buying a new book or something. 
  2. Write a book.  Seriously, the moment your Sims sits at a computer and starts typing away, they start making money from what they write. The more they write the more they make.
  3. Go to college. While at college your sim can apply for funds. Funds they don’t have to pay back! Also, if you stay in a Sorority or Fraternity house, you can go into build mode and sale things in the house. Of course, when you send another Sim to college from the same family, all that stuff will be gone in that one house. There is one house that comes with a car…sale the car! 
  4. Bugs and Rocks.  You can go around the whole town, collecting bugs and rocks. Both have at least one or two very valuable things that can be sold for a pretty penny.
  5. Blogging.  A Sim can start a blog and their followers will send them money. I have never made a lot of money with my Sim doing this, but I have never worked on building this skill, so I have no idea how far it can go. 

So, here is my point. If life was like Sims, I could go pick a few flowers, find some gems, collect some bugs, and sell them all to pay for a bill that will gain a butt ton of interest in October. I wouldn’t have 60,000 dollar debt from going to college. My lunker car would never tear up on me, and I would totally be able to afford my own home. 

Dear Sims creators, find a way to make real life as awesome as Sims! 


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