Cake Decorating!

My wonderful mom paid for her and me to take a cake decorating class.  It’s a four week course and when it is finished we plan on taking the next four week course.  It’s pretty awesome.

Tuesday was our first class.  I was afraid I would be bored, but it was actually really fun.  I learned a few new things and was able to decorate a few cupcakes at the end of the class.



We learned a few basic techniques, nothing too fancy, but “nothing too fancy” looks cute.

We mad a mess…seriously.


And everyone knows, if it’s messy, it’s fun!

Then yesterday I started at the bakery at work.  I didn’t get to take any pictures of the cakes that I was able to make yesterday.  They turned out pretty cute.  I realized yesterday that I can do this.  I can bake cakes and cupcakes and sell them.  I can make this a living because I have so much fun doing it.  I may not be the greatest artist, but when it comes to cake decorating it all comes down to imagination and patience.  Which, for some reason I only have patience when it comes to cakes.  So strange.

That is all I have for you today.  I have some stuff to work on. I keep trying to stay on task and have a blog post every day.  But then life just gets in the way…actually lazy gets in the way.  I was never good at doing what I am supposed to do.  Although, after work yesterday I did come home and play with my cake decorating things.  I made a few new colors of frosting and finished decorating the cupcakes I had left over.


3 thoughts on “Cake Decorating!

      • minniex says:

        I was obsessed with Cupcake Wars and when people made cupcakes for diabetic people and vegan ones too, I always found it interesting. I want to try one.

        Good luck with everything.

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