Aches and Pains


This past weekend was pretty rough.  Seeing as I am back in retail I now work mostly weekends.  I find it funny how I always complained about working weekends and now I kind of love it.  I am at work when most everyone else is out and about, doing what they can’t do through the week.  It doesn’t even bother me when it’s so busy I can’t get much done.

I have had issues with my feet since I started back to work.  It seems that three years sitting on your butt does not help your feet adapt to the busy life of retail.  So, my feet and ankles are getting used to being used more often.  At first the top of my right foot was sore, like someone had dropped a brick on the top of it.  But that went away fairly quick.  Then my ankles started to swell.

For the most part my ankles are now good, except this weekend.  My left ankle hurt so bad that I thought I may have sprang my ankle or broken it.  It hurt so bad that I was almost in tears by time I got off work Saturday night.  I don’t know if it’s just because I am building the strength back in them or what, but it was painful.

Saturday night when I finally got home I took advice from all the older people in the world.  I soaked my feet in some hot water with Epsom salt in it.  Who knew that Epsom salt is some kind of miracle substance?  My feet loved me for soaking them in this bath water, it was amazing.  My ankle felt better almost instantly.  I then went to bed after taking some aspirin and hoped for the best.

Sunday morning I got up and could walk again.  Hallelujah!  Then I had to go back to work.  While my ankle does not feel as bad, it was a little sore Monday, but it is on the mend.  Hopefully this is a sign that I am building up my durance again.  Also, my calf muscles have gotten so much tighter!  Seriously.  I have never been able to wear any boots that go too far past my ankles because my calf muscles have always been so big.  No, it’s not fat.  There is no sign of fat in my lower leg…it’s crazy. But my calf muscles were not as firm as they used to be when I first went back into retail.  Now, they are hard as a rock.  I want to blame my weight on that, seeing as the scale says I am busting my butt and not losing a single pound.  UGH!

Anyways, Monday my neck started bothering me again.  It’s on the right side and it just hurts…It’s like a dull pain that is there for so long that it is causing a headache and making me terribly sick to my stomach.

Typing all of that out I now think I might be having a really bad migraine and that is what it could have been this whole time.  Which would be my luck.  It could also be my house.  We seem to have black mold growing in the house, but there isn’t much we can do about it.  When I am not at home much I do tons better.

It could also be that I am just getting old and starting to fall apart.  My birthday is next month and I will be 29.  One more year and I can no longer use the excuse that I am young when I do something stupid.  When did that happen??

I am sorry that I do not have a short story for you today.  I want to try and have one every Tuesday, but because I am lazy and have been in so much pain, I didn’t get around to writing anything.  I promise, I will be back with it next week and hopefully I will finally have my schedule down so I don’t miss any more days on my blog.  You know, for the few people that may actually enjoy reading my random words of nonsense.


One thought on “Aches and Pains

  1. Juan Zung says:

    Sorry to hear about all the health issues. But glad the epsom salt helps. I’ve never tried it, but I’m gonna go get some next time I’m at the store.

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