Monday Madness: A Little Music Free’s the Soul

I had an idea of what I would share today, just some of my favorite things that I came across last week.  Then this morning while browsing around I found this really awesome video that I decided to add to my collection.  I also forgot a video that I was going to share, I can’t remember what it was.  And just so I don’t turn into one of those bloggers that just slaps up a bunch of videos and expects you to like me, I am limiting this post to two videos.

The first video is the one that I came across this morning.  This kid is hanging out in a guitar store, watching his dad play the guitar.  Then, out of now where this kid starts singing and it’s not something to laugh about.  This kid has got a voice of the angels or something.  But what is funny is the guy behind the counter, he can’t believe what he is hearing.  Seriously, this kid is amazing.


The second video is a guy that I have been following on Youtube for a while now.  He does this awesome thing where he takes a song and turns it into a metal song.  Last Monday he did one for Sailor Moon theme song.  Now, I grew up watching Sailor Moon and I am so excited for the new episodes.  In fact, I just watched the first episode Saturday.  It brought back my love for anime.  But this isn’t about Sailor Moon, this is about this amazing guy who kills it with a guitar.  I also might have a little fangirl crush going on…I mean, come on! The dude has long hair! I love a guy with long hair! Or red hair.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw a guy with long red hair.  I might faint.  ON TO THE VIDEO!


I hope that your Monday goes smoothly.  And if something happens to make you mad, just come back and watch these videos again.  Just be careful if you follow the links onto Youtube, you never know what video will lead you into “that part” of Youtube.  You know, the scary part where the videos are disturbing and creepy and might have some kind of spirit attached to it that will fly through your screen and haunt you for the rest of your days.

But don’t worry, I wouldn’t share any of those videos with you.

Happy Monday Peeps!


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