Short Story: The Pits (part 1)

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Welcome to Short Story Tuesday!  Today I introduce a continuation of the Soul Collectors story.  I am sure you left the last story wondering a few things.  Does Tessa live?  What happens to Kyson?  Are they all really dead?  Guess what! I am a great person and I thought I would bring you to a new story, one that finds out all those answers for you.  So buckle up and keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times.


My name is Kyson and I am a demon.  I spend most of my days sitting in a hospital room, beside my sister, Tessa.  She isn’t my sister by blood, but she means so much to me.  She was stabbed by the queen of Hell, Lilith.  It was done for revenge.  Michael, yes the archangel, killed Lilith’s daughter, Lucy.  Lucy killed the love of my life, Naolin, because I had killed the love of her life, Gabriel.

You still with me?  There was a lot of killing within a few moments.  Lilith wanted revenge; she wanted to destroy all humans to get back at the angel humans call God.  Angels and demons just call him Judas.  I have said it before and I should say it again, humans have been told some messed up stories that are far from the truth.  Judas is the creator of humans.  He is not the creator of all, just humans.  Is there a Jesus?  Yes, of course.  Did Judas betray Jesus?  Again, yes.  Also, you should know that Judas was never human, because he created them.  But you probably already figured that out.

The whole concept of Heaven is a little skewed in the human mind.  I am not here to get into that, I have my own crisis to deal with, my own life to handle.  I don’t care about Heaven and Hell.  I don’t care about the humans or angels or demons.  All I care about is Tessa getting better.  As long as I just focus on her my heart doesn’t hurt.

As a demon I have been privileged with a very long life.  In that life I have never fallen in love.  I have loved Tessa, but as a sister.  She is a young demon.  She is hundreds of years old, but if she were human she would only be about 16.  She is young and stupid and she was mixed up with Lilith.  It was Lilith’s plan to release Lucy from Heaven’s prison.

You would think that Hell would be a better place for the queen of Hell, but there were more demons on her side than angels.  I found out too late that Gabriel was on Lilith and Lucy’s side.  He loved Lucy and would have done anything for her.

Now they are all dead, everyone except Michael, Peter, Tessa and myself.  The good guys won the battle; at least I think we did.  We were out to release the angels from Heaven.  For some reason the big wigs in Heaven decided that angels needed to stay in Heaven.  There were too many of them falling in love with humans and demanding to live a full life instead of just having everything given to them.  They wanted families.  They wanted the house with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids.  For some reason the “CEO” of Heaven didn’t want them to have that happy life, so they were all forced to stay in Heaven.

The job of an angel or a demon is to make sure the human soul is delivered to the proper place; Heaven or Hell.  For a long time demons were the only one doing the job, but what we didn’t know is that the angels actually wanted to do their job, they just couldn’t.

I met Naolin and found out about everything.  She wanted me to help.  That led us to Lilith, which led us to a battle.  A battle that the good guys won, but I lost my heart.  Did I really win when I lost the only soul I had ever loved?

When I do think of Naolin I wonder, where does and angel go when they die?  Surely they do not disappear like Noalin thought.  Even demons get a place to go when they die.  They go to the depths of Hell, past the suicides, past the thieves, past the murders and rapist, and even past the atheist.  When a demon dies they go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.  We call it the Pit, because that is pretty much what it is.  At least that is what I have been told it is.

I wonder if Lilith and Lucy are there, trying to figure out a way to get out.  I know that Lilith will never let death keep her from her revenge.  I saw the hate burning strong in her eyes when she died.  Revenge will drive a person to do crazy things.

There is still the issue with the angels being trapped in Heaven.  Even with all the death, we did not accomplish what we set out to do.  There are things left undone and I know that Naolin would not be happy with that.  Maybe she is just like Lilith and Lucy, trapped in some place like the Pit, only in Heaven.  Maybe she is trying to find a way out, because she still has to change the rules of Heaven.

I will be honest; I don’t know what to do.  That is why I sit here beside Tessa, waiting on her to wake up.  I have not left this chair for four days and I refuse to move.  I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, and I don’t talk.  I just sit here and stare.  I watch Tessa’s eyes move behind her eyelids and wonder what she is dreaming about.  I brush her hair and hold her hand.  I pray to a god that has forgotten his creations, but it is all I can do.  When the sun goes down and the lights are out, when I can no longer see Tessa’s face in the dark that is when I think about Naolin.  That is when I wonder if I should be fighting my way in to Heaven.  Should I finish what she started?  Or should I find where an angel goes when they die?

When I get really crazy from the beeping of machines and the darkness that whispers its own music, I imagine that I can do both.  I can change the rules of Heaven, save the angels, and find where a dead angel goes.  I dream that I can fight my way to Heaven’s Pit and pull Naolin back into my arms.  Is it wrong to dream so big?


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