It’s Not the Radio

Audio Books

This has been sitting in my notebook for almost 3 months now, just waiting for me to write about it.  The other day it popped into my head again, I went to write about it, and found that I had already written about it in my notebook.  It’s just one of those ideas that got shoved into the back and forgotten.  I figured since it spoke up in my mind again it was time to let out my opinion on the topic.

What am I talking about?

Audio books!

I have read where a lot of people love audio books.  They listen to them while they are working out, while they are driving, sitting at work, playing games, or just relaxing in bed.  And it’s great to have an audio book when you just don’t have the time to sit down and read.  But I hate audio books!

In my opinion (and my opinion alone) I feel like audio books are a lazy persons way to read.  Now, if you read all the time, but have a book on tape to play while in the car or something, I am not talking about you.  Actually, I am not talking about anyone.  If you only “read” by listening to the book, that is your choice and I don’t think less of you for it.  But for me, I feel like listening to a book on tape is just lazy.  I have plenty of time to sit and read, so I don’t need someone to read for me.

You lose the power of the words when you are just hearing them.  When you read the words you burn that word into your brain.  You learn new words, your vocabulary grows.  I guess for some people audio books work the same way.  Maybe I just don’t pay attention.

I talk while I am working out because I am usually with a friend.  While driving I listen to music and half the time I don’t even pay attention to the song that is playing.  While I am sitting at work (we are talking about while I am writing because I don’t get to sit at my day job) I listen to music, but I am so focused on my writing that I don’t notice the songs that are playing.  I have tv going in the background if I am playing a game.  And when I am relaxing I have a book in my hands reading.

At no point in my day do I pick out a book on tape to listen to.  The only book I have ever listened to was the bible, and I actually did get a little something out of that.  There are so many names in the bible that I have no idea how to pronounce, so I use the audio version to figure out how to say the names.  But I can only listen for so long before my mind begins to wander.

I can’t even sit through an entire movie without talking or doing something else.  The only thing on TV I will watch and not movie is True Blood…I have to have the lights out and the sound up.  I don’t move while that show is on.

The thing is, I love words.  I like to see them.  While I am reading the words come live and join together to create the scene that I am reading at the moment.  I like words so much that I can almost see the words that people speak, just not when it’s in audio form.

Maybe I am just incapable of listening to a book.  Maybe I am too attached to the sound of a turning page, the smell of a new or old book, and the feel of a book between my fingers.  All I know is that if I put in a audio book, I will be completely lost by the end of the book.  I won’t know what just happened or even the title of the book.  I just can’t pay attention.  I have never been able to pay attention.  I was never good at story time in school.  It’s so boring to sit there and listen to someone read to you.  I want to read the book.  I want to see the words first hand.


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