The Office vs. Retail

I have only been back in retail for about 3 weeks now.  I will say, I love being back.  It’s funny, when I left retail I told everyone how I would never be back.  And then, after a while I realized how much I love retail, even if I don’t get great pay.

This got me to thinking, what is it that I love about retail?  I decided, I need to lay it out in a pros and cons sort of thing.


In The Office- These new people are the people you will eventually work with.  Most of the time you will get to know them too well and hate them. Or sometimes you will love them and talk to them all the time.  I didn’t care too much for the people around my age at my job.  I actually very much disliked the one girl I worked with and was glad when they moved her somewhere else.  We won’t go into all the details, I just couldn’t stand her.  But, there was one guy my age that I got along with great.  Then he went to a different company.

The thing is, you pretty much know everyone there.  You don’t meet a lot of new people.  Which is boring!

Retail- You are guaranteed to meet a new person everyday. It doesn’t even matter if you live in a small town.  Chances are you will never meet everyone in that town.  Everyday is a new face.  Every day is a new chance for something exciting.  I have met a few awesome people while working the past few weeks.  Most of them have been friendly, but even if they weren’t the chances of me seeing them again is very slim.


In The Office- Most office jobs do not require you to work weekends.  In fact, this was what appealed to me the most about an office job.  Free weekends!  But, seeing as I don’t party, my weekends were a time for me to be lazy and do nothing.  I never had any plans.  I just sat at home and claimed that I just needed to be at home for a while.

Retail- Weekends are prime.  That is when most people do their shopping, so you better believe you are going to be working.  And don’t ever plan on getting off on time.  There is too much work to be done.  There are too many shoppers needing your attention. Ask for a Saturday or Sunday off?  NO!  That is when you get most of your hours.  What are you doing on the weekend that can’t be done some other time of the week?  Seriously, if you can save it for  a week day, do it!

Before my time in the office I thought I needed my weekends.  I needed the weekends to chill.  Now, I see the weekend for what it really is.  It’s just two more days that people consider the fun days for some reason.  Who needs weekends off?


In The Office- 40 hours…every week.  Or more if you have a big project you are working on.  You work your 8 hours every day and then some.  You don’t get to leave early, or come in late if you worked extra one day.  At least I couldn’t at my last job.  I was there 8 hours every day, or more.  Sure, the pay checks were great when you are working 40 Hours, but ugh.  It sucked being stuck in that office all day long.

Retail- 40 hours?  HAHAHA!! You were joking right?  Most retail positions are part time.  Meaning you can’t get 40 hours of work.  If you do, some places will actually write you up for it.  NO OVER TIME.  They mean it.  If your work is not done before you time is you will get in trouble for not finishing the work AND for going over your time.

Though, this could be a plus.  You don’t have to work 40 hours a week.  Who wants to work that much?  Okay, the money situation comes into play again, but even making more money at an office job you have no time to spend it because you are working all the time.


In The Office- Most office jobs pay a good bit of money.  You probably won’t find an office job that pays less than 10 dollars an hour.  This honestly makes no sense to me.  You sit there all day…sure you are doing work…maybe, but it’s not exactly hard work.  You may have a deadline you have to meet and a picky boss that is never happy with your work.  It can be stressful, but it is rather easy.  For me, I sat at a computer for 8 hours hoping and praying for some work because I was bored out of my mind.  And I was paid a pretty penny to sit there and pretend I was working.

Retail- This pay sucks!  Unless you are in management.  You bust your tail every day.  You sweat and bleed.  You go home so tired that doing house work just seems impossible.  You want to take a nap, or just sleep until your next shift.  All for pay that just doesn’t make sense for all the work you are doing.  You feel good about all the work you do, then you get that pay check and you ask yourself why you work so hard yet are paid so little.  You wonder why you care so much if your job is completely and done to standards when they pay you so little.


I am not saying that every office job is easy.  I am sure some are very stressful and actually do require some sweat.  I am just saying that retail requires a lot of moving and lifting and sweating…and the pay just does not match the work.

It’s easy to get frustrated with either job, and I guess in both situations it just depends on the person.  Maybe some of you out there really enjoy your desk job.  Maybe you love the office.  Then there are others, people like me, you love being around people and staying busy all day.  You love the hard work.  You love being on your feet for several hours at a time.  The only problem you have is the sucky pay.


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