Magical Reunion

Last night I went to my 10 year high school reunion.  I posted about how nervous I was yesterday.  I had nothing to be nervous about! The night was fantastic.

I got there and everyone remembered me, but I only remembered half of them.  I guess I made a bigger impression than I thought.  Of course, my outfit gave me a little confidence.


I was in love with my shoes.

As soon as I got there some guy asked me to dance.  Shocker…right?  I went straight to the dance floor. The guy was cute and I love to dance, it was a no brainer.

After I danced a little bit I sat down with my friends and just talked a little bit.  I had so many people coming up to me to say hey.  It was crazy.  The table I sat at stayed crowded all night.

Then, the moment I had been waiting on.  My crush from high school finally walked in.  He looked as stunning as always.  I had to make him see me so I headed back to the dance floor with some friends.  My feet were killing me by this time, but I they are so cute I just couldn’t take them off.

I watched my crush make his way around the room, catching up with all his friends.  I had almost given up hope of him noticing me.  I was just about to walk off the dance floor when the electric slide came on.  I was begged to stay on the floor.  When we got around the first time I almost tripped because my crush had walked up right beside me.  He was right there! Dancing to the song.  I tried not to stare at him, but he noticed me.

Then he introduced himself to me.  I smiled…and giggled and told him I knew who he was.  A slow song started playing and he wasted no time asking me to dance.  Who could say no to their high school crush.  The guy who was just as gorgeous now as he was when I was in high school.

As the night went on him and I danced to so many songs.  We talked and laughed.  He even said he was sorry he didn’t notice me in high school.  We were the last ones at the reunion.  I had went to the reunion with a few friends, they rode with me, but another friend took them home for me.  I have some awesome friends.

Eventually, me and this amazing guy I had been in love with since second grade, we were kicked out.  It was around midnight.  We decided to go to IHOP to continue the night.  We parted ways around 2 am with a promise to get together again Tuesday.  He is going to meet me at the dog park that I take my puppy to.

It was a magical night

And none of that was true.

The only thing that was true was that my outfit was pretty awesome and I hate that I wasted it on such a boring and uneventful night.

I went in with a group of friends.  The people checking names at the door knew all my friends names, but had to ask me what my name was.  The people that I did talk to I didn’t know, the only reason they were around my table was because they all knew my friend.

I have told you all before, in high school I was the girl who wore black and hid in the corner.  I had a few friends, but none of them were at the reunion.  We were actually missing most of our graduating class.  And to make things even worse, my high school crush didn’t even show up.  The night was a complete and total bust.


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