Hobbies Beyond Writing

I got to thinking the other day about my many hobbies.  I do a lot, my main hobby of course is writing. It’s what I love more than anything else in the world.  Putting my pen to paper and creating this great and wonderful thing.  I don’t care if anyone else likes it, I created it for myself.  That’s where it all started, writing.

Now, I have so many other hobbies and there just isn’t enough  time in the day to do them all.  I make jewelry, bake cakes and cakepops, scrapbook, building computers, and a few other things I can’t think of at the moment.  I am always expanding my talents and hobbies as well.  I am trying to learn to knit, I would love to learn woodworking, and I am in the process of becoming a pretty awesome cook.  I also want to learn to sew so I can make my own clothes.  It’s a fabulous world of crafts out there, and I want to learn it all.

Cakepop fun

Cakepop fun

Let’s not forget playing instruments.  I taught myself to play piano, but I need to re-teach myself all of that.  I want to learn to play the guitar, even with my fingers hurting from the strings.

The thing is, the world is full of creative opportunities.  I noticed the other day that a few other writers have other hobbies as well.  One of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison, either crochets or knits and is working on a pattern for a stuffed dragon.

Emily Dickinson loved to bake!  Sylvia Plath was a beekeeper.

My question is, as a writer, do we seek out other forms of creation?

I know that when I started writing I had no desire to create anything else.  I was just a writer, but that soon changed.  Before long I was trying to do other things, anything where I could create something.  I started making jewelry, which happens to be my moms hobby as well.  Then I wanted to paint, but I didn’t want to do fancy paintings, I just wanted to paint things like boxes.  There was something calming about the repetitive motion of a brush with paint on it.

Now I am in to all kinds of crafts.  I want to make everything.  Every time I buy something at the store, I wonder if it’s something I could have made myself.  I want to learn to make my own cards, my own notebooks, my own…everything.  I even make food that I can create from scratch, that way I know exactly what is in it.

Is it because I am a writer that I desire to create other forms of art, or is it just who I am?  Do all writers look for something to get their hands on other than their writing?  Is it because of writing that I am creative?

To all the writers out there, do you have another hobby other than writing?  Sure we spend more time writing or reading, but is there something else that takes up your time?  We have to step away from our writing for a little bit sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Hobbies Beyond Writing

  1. Juan Zung says:

    I have many other hobbies and interests. I do distance running and trail running. I write songs and play guitar. I love hanging out at local bars. And I cannot go a day without watching some television.

    Sometimes I wish I were more single-minded in my writing, with no other hobbies or interests or distractions. I have this fantasy that I’d be better writer that way. Or, at least, I’d be more productive.

    But then I come to my senses and understand that that’s just who I am and pretending to be someone else, no matter how much more awesome of a writer that someone-else is(!), is just asking for misery.

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