Nope, not talking about the ugly fish with whiskers that some people love.  Nasty, ugly, smelly things, but the thing I am talking about is just as ugly, smelly, and nasty.

If you ever watch MTV or even randomly come across the channel you might have seen the show called Catfish. It’s about people that have met someone online, but have failed to meet them in person.  They haven’t video chatted and some haven’t even talked to one another on the phone.  Sure it sounds fishy(Catfishy!), but when you are in the moment, when that person is giving you the attention you crave, you don’t see it like the rest of the world.


How do I know?

Because I have been catfished!  Yes, it’s true!  It was several years ago, but I fell for it.  Shockingly, I still talk to the guy that catfished me!

I figured I would go a little personal and share my story with you.

A few years after high school I joined the online world.  I didn’t go out with friends much, because I just didn’t want to be around a lot of people.  Not sure what I was thinking, but I was very much a hermit, a homebody.  I would chat online for hours.  It pretty much started with a site called IMVU.  It’s a 3D chat site.  You get an avatar that you can dress up and make it the representation of you.  Everyone on the internet knew me as the character I had created.

I called myself Pythongurl.  As in python gurl.  Nothing dirty so get it out of your mind.  Here is what I looked like online.  An image that I still wish was really me.

avipicmarch2I talked to a lot of people and became really close with a few.  One being a guy who claimed to be a blond haired surfer boy with some killer abs.  I fell in love.  But what I loved the most was that some gorgeous guy was talking to me.  Not just talking, but flirting!  He knew what I looked like and he still liked me.  I was shy and never very confident.  I still struggle with confidence and shy away from guys because I just can’t imagine why they would talk to me.

I am gaining confidence, but at this moment, my confidence came from some cute guy talking to me.  He eventually asked me to be his girlfriend.  Super stoked I said yes.  Now, I still tell people that I have never had a boyfriend because I don’t count my internet relationships.

This guy would call me and talk to me all the time.  We would chat on IMVU every night and he would even sing to me.  I was stupid and I was loving the attention.  I didn’t get attention like that from guys.  It’s what I had always wanted.  I soon realized that internet dating was not what I was looking for.  Also, the guy that I was “dating” would never video chat with me and when I mentioned visiting him, he always made up an excuse why I couldn’t come.

It was a few years after our failed “dating” attempt that he finally came out and told me the truth.  To be honest, at that point I wasn’t so shocked.  I knew something was up, but it did make me questions all the things he had told me about his life. I still don’t know what to believe from him, but I will always chat with him when he is around.

I still love my online friends, and I have seen most of them on video chat.  They don’t talk to me as much as they once did, but I am always there when they are ready to talk.  I miss my online days.  I miss staying up late and talking to them, but we all grew up and moved on with our lives.  I sometimes stalk their facebook pages to see what they have been up to.  lol I am known as the stalker among all of them, so why not keep up the tradition.

For any of my online friends from back in the day that may be reading this, just know that I still love you guys and hope that your lives are doing fantastic!

Another thing I miss from those days is my copy of Photoshop…ugh I want it back so bad!



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