What’s the Big Deal?

I had another post that I was going to write today, but I decided I wanted to rant a little bit first.  I know, I do a lot of ranting, but there is a lot to fuss about!  Seriously, the world is full of things that we should be complaining about instead of sitting back and watching our rights…or what ever…being taken away.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I did finally get a job.  WOOHOO!  I am working in the deli/bakery at my local grocery store.  I am actually really excited about it too.  My mom also works at the same grocery store, but as a cashier.  When they hired my mom they made a big fuss about her tattoos on her wrist.

moms tatsAs you can see, they are in memory of her parents.  Nothing offensive about them.  I live in South Carolina near Greenville.  We are the buckle of the bible belt, so no one is really offended by the crosses.  the grocery store asked my mom to cover her tattoos when they hired her.  Later on she started seeing others with tattoos who didn’t cover theirs.

When I went in for my interview I found out that they now allow tattoos as long as they are not offensive.  I get that and I am happy that this grocery store has opened their minds to allow tattoos.  Everyone has tattoos now days.  Everyone wants to show them off as well.  It is the time that we have found ourselves in.  The time of self expression through tattoos, strange clothing, and odd hair colors.  Which leads me to my little rant.

Upon being hired I was told that this grocery store does not allow colored hair that is not natural hair color.  My hair is purple in the back.

blog photoYou can kind of see it here.  I have a lot of purple in the picture.  I just really love the color purple.  I have always been afraid to color my hair because I love my natural color.  But I wanted something different.  I had been the same all my life and I needed a change.  So I went with coloring the back of my hair so that the purple stands out when it’s seen.  Of course, I always make sure that it is seen all the time.  I am proud of my purple hair and I feel like I should have been born with it!

Now, if I worked in an office where executives and big boss men were coming in, I could understand not having crazy colored hair.  My last job was at BMW and the big wigs saw me all the time!  They didn’t say a word to me about my purple hair.  I could understand if I had to wear a fancy dress suit to work every day.  But this is a grocery store.  I make a little over minimum wage.

The only reason I am getting away with my purple hair is because I am going to be wearing a hair net.  But my rant is not about being able to have purple hair.  It’s what is accepted.  The natural hair colors.

I was told that if I had blond streaks in my hair I would be okay.  Yeah…big chunky bleach blond hair is acceptable because bleach blonde is a natural color.  Oh wait…no it’s not.  I am assuming with this fact that I can walk in with half my hair black and the other half blond and that is acceptable…because it is natural colors.  This honestly makes no sense.  Have you seen the crazy things people have done with natural hair color?

Yet, my subtle purple hair is unacceptable.  It’s not crazy, and everyone loves it.  I am not “putting it to the man” with my hair, it’s just what I liked.  So why is purple hair, or any other color hair not acceptable?  Shouldn’t they ban crazy hair styles instead?  Seriously, what is more distracting?  A girl with purple hair that shows when she brushes her hair back, or a girl with on side of her hair blond and the other half black?  Which looks less professional?

Like I said, it’s not the fact that my purple hair is not acceptable, it’s the face that I could come in with extremely weird hair as long as it’s natural colors.  Also…this is a grocery store.  Why do they feel the need to be so professional?




2 thoughts on “What’s the Big Deal?

  1. christinajavete says:

    Your purple hair looks so pretty!! ❤ I guess purple is not a conservative color for them. Damn the man!! I'm glad you are still able to work there and that your mom is able to show off her meaningful tattoos. =)

    • Heather M. says:

      Thanks! They actually checked my one tattoo while I was being interviewed to make sure it wasn’t offensive. lol I’m hoping they will become open minded about the hair color as well. Today everyone is getting their hair colored some awesomely strange color.

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