Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 7)

Short Story part 7


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Two weeks passed in Lilith’s basement.  Two weeks of planning and fighting about the plan, and coming up with a new plan.  I knew the layout of heaven like I knew the back of my hand.  I knew every exit, every entrance, and every secret path way.  Gabriel knew everything about heaven, and the few things he didn’t, Naolin and Lilith could fill him in.  We had a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan.  My head was filled with twist and turns and possibilities.  It was the only thing we ever talked about, even Tessa kept her normal ramblings to a minimum.

I was tired of planning.  I was tired of talking about what we were going to do.  I was ready to get out there and get things done, but Lilith wanted everything perfect.  The only problem was, none of us knew what Lilith planned to do after we had freed heaven.  We were going in to free Michael, who would then help us free the rest of the angels.  Lilith said she would take care of things after that.  I didn’t trust the demon.

“No, you have to take this path first.”  Lilith said again, pulling my attention to the map of heaven.

“I think you are mistaken.  That path leads right to the dungeon where Lucy is being held.”  Naolin argued.  Lucy was Lucifer.  All the books got it wrong, saying Lucifer was a male angel.  Lucy was all female, but no one had ever really seen her.

“I need you to take a message to Lucy.”  Lilith said.  One hand rested over her forehead while the other propped her up on the table.  “It’s important that she knows what’s going on.”

“Why is that?”  I asked.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t trust Lilith and she was starting to crack.  Everyone being trapped in this little room together was driving us all a little mad.

“Because Lucy is my mother!”  Lilith shouted.

“That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?”  I asked her, taking a step closer to her.  My hands were clenched by my side.  Sure, finding out that Lucy was Lilith’s mother was a shocker, but things made a lot more sense now.  “You want us to break into heaven and create chaos so you can free your mother.  Did you forget why she is even locked up in heaven?  Have you forgotten how she almost destroyed every human we have given our lives to protect?”

“The angels protect the humans.  Kyson, you are like me.  We are demons.  We were meant for greater things then to protect some useless life of a human.”

“No!”  I shouted.  Naolin grabbed my arm, her touch calming me almost instantly.  “We won’t do this for you.  I have been protecting human souls for as long as I can remember.  I kept them safe from demons like you.  I will not let you free Lucy.  What purpose do we have if there are no humans to protect?”

“Our purpose is to sit in heaven while we watch the angels struggle for a change.”  Lilith spit.  She was in my face, our noses almost touching.  “They sat up there lounging around, laughing while we did all the work.  Then, I was cast out of heaven because I fell in love with someone who thought he was too good for everyone.”  I watched as a tear slid down her face.  “I didn’t seduce him like the stories say.  I fell in love with him.  And he made me think he was in love with me.”  She stepped away and turned her back to me.  “He was fine with me as long as no one knew, and the moment we were caught, he cast me out.  He told everyone that I was a useless demon and he could never love someone like me.”  She turned back to face me, her face red with anger.  “He used me and I will make him pay.”

“By destroying all humans?”  I let Naolin pull me away from the argument.

“I think we need a break.”  Naolin said, her voice soft.  I almost didn’t hear her over the boiling of my own blood.  Lilith was willing to release the one person with the strength and nerve to send Earth into total chaos and destruction, just to get back at her past lover.  It was stupid and made no sense.  I followed Naolin outside and took a deep breath.  My lungs filled with the cool air of the night and the light of the moon eased my anger.

“She is being ridiculous.”  I said.  I had tilted my head to the stars, not looking at Naolin.  I didn’t want her to see the anger in my eyes.  I didn’t want to see how she looked at me now that I had lost my temper.  I thought several times that she may be falling for me, but after tonight she would only hate me.  I am a demon, and one thing that is true about us is that we have very short tempers.  How could an angel ever love a demon like me?

“She is.”  Naolin said.  I heard her sigh.  “But for now she is our only hope .”

“We can’t let her free Lucy.”  I said, looking at Naolin.  I froze where I stood when I saw the tears rolling down Naolin’s cheeks.  I hadn’t even realized she was crying.  “I’m sorry.”  I told her as I wrapped my arms around her.  “I didn’t mean to lose my temper.”

“It’s not that.”  She said as she pulled away.

“Why are you crying?”  I asked, my heart was beating faster than a hummingbirds wings.  I was suddenly afraid of what she was going to say.

“It’s just, Lilith’s way may be the only way.”

“The only way?”  I stared at her, not sure what to say.

“If we don’t change things, there is no hope for us.”

“What are you talking about?  We can free the angels without freeing Lucy as well.”

“No.”  She grabbed my hand and kissed my palm.  “If we don’t change everything, we can never be together.  You and me.”  She looked into my eyes and smiled.  “I have fallen in love with you Kyson, and until heaven changes I am breaking the rules.  I can be banished from heaven forever.”  She wrapped her arms around my waist.  I had no words.  All I could manage was wraping my arms around her.  “It all has to change.  No one should be able to tell me who to love.  Why can’t an angel love a demon?”

“Even if that demon has a short temper?”  She pulled away from me and placed her hands on my face, pulling me down.  Before I could comprehend what was happening, her lips were on mine.  They were as soft as I had imagined.  The world could have ended in that moment and I would have gone happily.  She pulled away and smiled at me.

“I love everything about you and I will do whatever it takes to stay with you.”  She raised up on the balls of her feet and kissed my cheek.  “Maybe Lucy is the only answer, but we will exhaust every other option before we take that step.”

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