Wrong Time Zone


I hate mornings.  Hate them with a passion so fierce it burns within.  If I have to get up too early in the morning I am a walking Zombie the rest of the day.  I just can’t do mornings.  I come alive around 3 in the afternoon and go until about 6 the next morning. Or, I would if the world wasn’t so against me.  Those are my hours and I can’t change it, believe me, I have tried!

My last job I had to be at work at 7 am every day.  That meant I had to be up by at least 5:30 to get ready and out of the house on time to get there.  I did this for two years and I never got used to it.  It’s just not possible to change a night owl.

The other day while at the gym with a friend we were watching the news while using the massage chairs.  This was after an hour work out and I knew it would help my neck.  One of the newscasters were in a different state and I realized how early it was for them compared to the time in my own state.  Now, this is nothing new to me, I do understand time zones and all that jazz.  But at that moment the idea finally hit home!

What if I am not a morning person because I am living in the wrong place.  Maybe I am supposed to be living in a different state, or even a different country!  Where my odd hours wouldn’t be odd anymore.  Would my body stay the same and get up and go to bed around the same time?  Or would my mind change with the times and I end up right where I originally started?  Does any of this even make sense outside of my own head?

This had me thinking about something else.  I have been raised to believe that everything happens for a reason and for the most part my life is somewhat predetermined.  What if my disagreement with mornings is my sign or nudge to move on to something else, start a new life somewhere else?  What if my soul mate lives in a state where my odd hours are not odd, because of the time difference?

Yes, everything always comes back to love, I can’t help it.

After sharing this with my friends on Facebook, we figured out the truth.  I am not in the wrong time zone.  When I was 18 I was bitten by a vampire, who then left me to figure things out on my own.  Because I am not human, but a princess from Pluto, my change was different from a human vampires change.  I can walk in the day light, I have to eat food to sustain me, and I don’t need blood.

I should be careful, the vampires are going to be looking for me so they can experiment on me.  For all I know, they have already wiped out everyone on my home planet (which is not Pluto, because Pluto is only a ship) and that is why I am still stuck on earth.  My family can’t come get me because they are dead, or being harvested by vampires from earth.


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