Interview Madness


Things are looking a little brighter this morning.  I slept a little late, but not as late as usual.  I am on the mend my friends.  I have found some kind of happy place and I am hanging on until my hands fall off.

Yesterday I had my first interview in almost 3 years. I was so nervous, but I think it was the turning point in my mood.  I left feeling really good about the interview, the lady was super nice and I was really confident.

In honor of my interview, I thought I would give you all a few tips on interviewing.  Why would I do this when there are 50 million other people doing the same?  Because I am coming from a totally different mind.  Also, some of the things I say may not be 100 percent reality

  1. Make sure you know the company.  Some people actually ask questions about the company when they interview you.  I honestly think it’s ridiculous, because the reason I applied to the job is because I needed a new job.  Except yesterday, I did know about the company I applied to.
  2. Be early to the interview.  I am not saying get there an hour early, or even 30 minutes early.  No, get there 15 to 20 minutes early.  Or…30 minutes early if you want.  That way you have plenty of time to slowly walk to the store or place you applied to.  Also, being there early shows that you want the job.  15-20 minutes early means you are punctual and trust worthy.  30 minutes early means you are desperate and nervous.  Late means you won’t get the job.
  3. Dress appropriately.   I applied to a clothing store in the mall.  I freaked out the night before trying to figure out what to wear.  That’s a lie.  I freaked out about it as soon as I landed the interview.  Which was Tuesday.  It’s a little different when you apply to a clothing store.  Do you show that you are stylish or professional and how the heck can you mix the two?  I some how pulled it off and was actually complimented on my outfit.  WIN FOR ME!
  4. Don’t say “um” and “I guess.”  I seriously said “I guess” so many times I wanted to chop my own head off.  It’s a great way to show indecisiveness.  “Hello, my name is Heather and I don’t know what I am saying.  I guess.”  Okay, that didn’t really happen, but it might as well have.  I actually apologized to the woman interviewing me because I said it so many times.
  5. Don’t be nervous.  Why is this here?  Of course I am going to be nervous.  I am going to be so nervous that I feel like a lead ball is sitting at the bottom of my stomach.  I am going to be so nervous that I am not comfortable in anything I try on.  I am going to be so nervous that I will forget my own name!  Actually, I did really good and didn’t forget my own name.  Shocker!  I probably giggled too much and smiled like a creeper.  I kept wondering if I was standing or sitting straight.  Or was I sitting to straight and not looking relaxed?  Did I look too up tight?  Was I too quiet?  Did I talk loud enough?  Did I answer those questions right?  OMG!!! My mind was out of control!
  6. Look up interview questions that others have been asked in the same position.  WHAT?  I found a website that had reviews of people who and interviewed at the clothing store that I applied to.  I saw all the questions they were asked and what they were asked to do.  I read that some people had to do a group interview and some even had to pick out an outfit for a mock customer.  This is so bogus! Do not, DO NOT do this.  Do not look up questions and others experience.  It made my nerves even worse.
  7. Be confident.  This is probably as real as this list is going to get.  Own it.  You know yourself better than anyone in the world.  You know the answers to the questions.  You got this!

The thing about this interview yesterday is I learned a few things about myself.  And I will share that tomorrow, because this post is already longer than I like to post.  Have a fantastic day my friends!


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