Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 5)

Love and Chaos


To catch up to now, check out my Short Story Page to find the rest of the Soul Collectors Story.


I was not looking forward to seeing Lilith.  I had met her once.  It wasn’t an unpleasant meeting, but she is manipulative and she wants what she wants.  She might actually be a little bit loony and I had no idea how Naolin planned on finding her.  No one found her, she found you when she wanted you for something.

I came across her on a job.  She decided that she wanted me.  To know that someone as beautiful as Lilith wants you is usually a good thing.  But not when it is Lilith herself.  I have seen demons and angels that have fallen in her path.  The men that she wanted the second she saw them, but grew tired of them just as fast.  She would use them up and they would become addicted to her like she was some kind of drug.  When she let them go they were beyond help.  They would wither away and become shells of what they used to be.  Most of these men, angel or demon, end up in hell with all the other demons that have been killed.

I had to kill one of those men.  He was my best friend and I watched as he deteriorated over the course of his relationship with Lilith.  She is like a vampire, only living on souls instead of blood.  He followed her like a puppy dog, and she used him as such.  I have never seen anything so disturbing.  He waited on her hand and foot and I once witnessed her use him as a chair.  After she grew tired of him he lost his mind and started taking souls to her as an offering.  Nothing was ever good enough and I had to kill my best friend to save the souls he was putting in danger.

You can imagine that I was far from ready to see Lilith again.  I began to question Naolin’s role in Lilith’s game.  How does one become owed by Lilith?  The woman who does what she wants, when she wants, and cares nothing about the people she hurts.

“Lilith.”  Naolin called the sky.  The sun was starting to set again.  We had been walking all day because flying would draw too much attention from heaven.  We had stopped deep in the forest.  The trees above had opened up to let in a little sunlight, but everything outside of the light remained dark.

“Naolin.”  A voice said from behind me.  I turned to face the woman, catching my breath as I met the peridot green eyes that stared at me.  I watched as a smile stretched across her face.  She flipped her blond hair behind her shoulder and licked her ruby red lips.  “Have you brought me a gift?”  She asked, stepping closer to me.  I watched her hand reach out and cringed when her fingers stroked my jaw.  “I have wanted this one for a long time now.”

“Lilith, hands off.”  Naolin said.  She stepped between us with her back to me.  “I came for that favor you owe me.”

“That offer has expired.”  Lilith turned away from us.  I heard her growl before she took a deep breath.

“Lilith, please.”  Naolin pleaded.  “Heaven has made prisoners out of all the angels.  I need your help setting them free.”

“Why don’t you get Michael’s help, he likes to fight.”

“He has been chained up in the dungeons.”

“Heaven has a dungeon?”  I asked.  The more I learned the less I liked the idea of heaven.

“Of course they have dungeons.”  Lilith said.  She walked around Naolin and brushed her hand across my chest.  “I think you would look better without a shirt.”  She pulled at my shirt.  I knew this was going to happen.  I knew she was going to remember her attraction to me as soon as she saw me.  “I have seen the dungeons personally.  I was a very naughty girl.”

“Lilith, get away from him.”  Naolin almost growled.  I wanted to smile, but I was afraid to move.  It was easy now to think that Naolin had growing feelings for me.  We had only been together for two days, but love happens instantly for some people.  Was it so wrong to think an angel and a demon could fall in love?  Then my common sense kicked in, I was the only person willing to help her at the moment, of course she would keep me from Lilith.

“How cute, little Nao has a crush.”  Lilith said, poking out her bottom lip in a pout.  “Such a shame that it won’t work out.”

“I came to you for help, just as you came to me for help all those years ago.  I didn’t hesitate to help you.”  Naolin’s cheeks had turned red.

“Not until you admit you are attracted to the handsome demon standing beside you.”

“Fine, yes.  I find him attractive.”  Naolin said in a rush of air.  I stared at her unable to think of anything to say.

“Good.”  Lilith said giggling and clapping her hands.  “It was a match made in…”  She paused.  “Okay, not in heaven.  It’s kind of forbidden, but that won’t matter when I am done.”

“What are you going to do?”  Naolin asked.

“I don’t know.  First I need Gabriel.”

“Gabriel is only a messenger.  And he isn’t allowed out of heaven either.  All of the angels are banned from leaving.”

“There is always a way out, dear Naolin.”  A man said from the shadows.  “I mean, you escaped.  Obviously a messenger angel would have several ways out of heaven.”  The man stepped up to Naolin and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

“Gabriel, I am so glad you escaped.”  Naolin said, returning his hug.  “We need to get more out.”

“We are working on it.”  Gabriel said as he straightened and brushed his shoulder length, black hair out of his face.

“Who all is working on it?”  I asked, able to speak again after the shock of Naolin’s confession.

“Many angels and demons are working together to resolve this issue.  Maybe you should go home, demon.  There is no need for you to be in this.”

“His name is Kyson, and he stays.”  Naolin said, wrapping her warm fingers around my hand.  Heaven and hell were breaking all the rules, and I was just a demon in love, trapped in the middle of chaos.


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