Here’s To Hoping


I know that I usually have a short story to post on Monday’s, but my weekend was extremely busy and last week I was so down in the dumps that I just couldn’t bring myself to write.  I will have it for you tomorrow though and that is a promise.

Since I don’t have a short story for you I thought I would tell you about my weekend, my wonderful friends and family, and how I may have dug myself a little out of this depression I have been in.

It all started Friday.  I was just a mess really.  I had a meeting to go to at church and it took all day to get ready for it.  I didn’t want to go to the meeting because I just wanted to hide away all day.  But I did it.  I forced myself out of the house and went to the meeting.  Being around my church family always puts me in a better mood.  Though, sometimes that mood doesn’t last very long.

After the meeting I ended up going to the movies with my brother and some of our friends.  We saw Godzilla, which turned out to be a really good movie.  I was so happy that my brother invited me to come along because I needed it.  That is when my spirits started rising a little.

Saturday I went to the SC comicon, the very first one SC has had.  Let me tell you, it was fantastic.  There were so many people there dressed in costumes. I got to meet some authors and some cosplay chick.  I got to see a lot of great art work too.

The best part though was the cute guy that was flirting with me.  Now, my blog is called the Awkward Life of Heather for a reason, and you are about to find out why.  I am a writer.  Most writers are very introverted, some of us just don’t do well around other people.  I am growing out of this and learning that I actually like to be around other people.  But the one thing that I still fail to notice is when a guy is flirting with me!

Yes, you read that right, the guy was flirting with me and I was completely oblivious!  I thought he was cute and I did what I always do.  I clammed up and had no idea what to say.  Of course, after the fact I had all kinds of things I could have said.  And I wonder why I am single.  I felt so bad that I almost went back to the comicon just to flirt back.  It took my mom telling me the guy was flirting with me for me to even see it.  I am that oblivious.  But at the end of the day it gave me a bit of an ego boost to know that someone wanted and did flirt  with me.

Saturday night I ended up at the mall with my cousin and we walked all over the mall.  It was great.  I tend to be a bit eccentric and danced around stores and sang along to the songs I knew.  I evidently have no shame when it comes to some things.

The best part about my trip to the mall was going into the shoe store.  It wasn’t the shoes that got my attention, it was the socks.  Little fact about me, I don’t wear matching socks.  I do this on purpose because it’s kind of funny.  It’s like having a secret that no one else knows.  At the shoe store in the mall they sold a pack of socks that didn’t match.  It was 12 socks that were all different!! It was like they made the pack just for me!

Okay, I know that others do the whole non matching socks thing, but I like to think the world revolves around me sometimes.

Then Sunday came around.  I have been so exhausted all weekend that I just didn’t have the energy to even write a blog for Sunday.  I am sorry for that, but sometimes we all need a little break.  I had a thing for church in the morning and grocery shopping with my mom.  Then after dinner we made a fun run to Walmart for nothing in particular.  Pixel got a new collar out of it.

I am wore out.  I am thoroughly exhausted. I am happy.

That is the most important part.  I am so very happy right now.  I still have things that bother me, like the fact that I didn’t write part 5 of my short story, or I haven’t worked on my novel in months, or my bank account is getting low and I really need to get a job now.  But I have some really great things going in my life right now and I think I am going somewhere great.  I have a plan and if I work hard I know I can beat this depression and I can keep my head above water.

Sometimes you just have to get a little water up your nose before you learn to swim.


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