Book Review: Her Mad Hatter By Marie Hall

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I have always loved Alice in Wonderland.  It’s a lot like my mind, nothing really makes sense, but it all makes sense.  Everything is a little crazy and chaotic, but it some how works for me.  So, Alice in Wonderland just fit in my life.  Syfy has done a rendition of it and called it Alice.  That was probably the moment that I fell in love with the Hatter.  This crazy, messed up man who no one really understood.  He was funny and he liked tea! Then Tim Burton came along and did his own rendition of Alice in Wonderland, and the Hatter became Johnny Depp.  A man that I have been in love with since I was…well, since forever!

So you can see why I was drawn to this book.


Hatter is going a little mad.  More than usual.  All he needs is love and there is only one woman for him.  Her name is Alice, but not just any Alice will do.  It is up to Danika, a fairy to the great big bads of the fairy world, to find the right Alice and save the Hatter before Wonderland eats him alive.

My Opinion 

I almost feel like I can not comment on this book.  I love the Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.  I want to fall down a rabbit hole one day and find my perfect world, a world that responds to me being there.  Am I really qualified to say anything about this book?

Marie Hall has opened up the rabbit hole and allowed us to fall in.  She has showed us that dealing with the Hatter is not going to be an easy task, and only one girl can control or help him.  You want to hate Alice for being that girl because you want to be that girl.

I seriously loved this book.  It was way too short and I am not a big fan of sex scenes, but there was only one in this book.  And it was tasteful, in a way.

I would recommened this book to anyone that has loved Alice in Wonderland in any form.  This is also the first book in Marie Hall’s series Kingdom Series.  I will be reading the others, because I love a twist on my favorite fairy tales.  One day the world will run out of ways to turn a fairy tale into something new, but today is not that day.

Have you read this book?  Tell me what you think about it.


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