Puppy Update!

Pixel Toys

It’s a late post today.  I know, I’m horrible.  My cousin came over yesterday (Hey, Katie!!) to watch movies.  We ended up going to the mall for a bit and got to watch one movie before we passed out.  Then we spent most of today watching movies and Catfish.  And since I didn’t have a post already planned…You just get a puppy update today!  But come on, who doesn’t love puppies!?

Pixel went to the vet Thursday.  She had the worst time!  First, they had to check her temperature, which included a thermometer where the sun don’t shine.  The poor puppy does not like the vet…or other people for some reason.  She shied away from everyone and at one point, tried to climb up under me.  As much as I love the attachment she feels towards me, she needs to learn to like other people and animals as well.  I was even told so by the vet.

They gave Pixel a shot and then gave her some kind of medicine they had to put up her nose.  Poor puppy!  Of course they had to get a stool sample and that involved a plastic spoon thing they had to stuck up her butt.  There are moments in life where you are just very grateful for not being a dog!

Good news, all of her worms are gone.  My girl is worm free, but not completely healthy yet.  The vet was checking Pixel over and noticed her ears looked a little dirty.  They ran a test and found out that she has an infection in her ear.  Seriously?  Can this poor puppy catch a break?

No, she can’t.  After all of this, they then had to get her to take a pill for heart worms and all that fun stuff.  Since she is such a stubborn puppy, they had to force the pill down her throat.  I am sure that Pixel hated me the rest of that day.  I know I would have hated me.

I now have to put stuff in her ears every day until Thursday of this week.  I also have to start taking her around other dogs and eventually get her into some obedience classes.  At first she would listen to me while we were outside, now she just wants to run free. I have to threaten to go in the house without her to get her back inside.  And she doesn’t want to sit anymore.  She will fetch, but only when it’s convenient for her.

I love my puppy, but it’s time for her to learn to listen.  It is serious training time.

Though, as you can see by the picture, she has gotten really good at picking up her toys.  But only when it’s bed time.  For some reason she wants all of her toys when she sleeps.  It’s kind of cute.  She also likes to tear all the squeakers and stuffing out of her toys.  No toy is safe with her!


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