Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 4)

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Soul Collectors Part 4

Naolin and I sat in a booth by a window.  We had left the security of the forest and stopped in the first diner we had come to.  There wasn’t much else around, just the diner and an old trailer park behind it.  All the trailers, as well as the diner, were worn down with age and the diner sign was hanging by one rusty chain.  Had the diner been closer to town, it probably would have already been shut down.  It didn’t bother me much; I was used to eating at places like it. I try not to bring too much attention to myself; some people can tell I am a demon.  And not many people like demons.

It also helped keep us hidden, seeing as heaven was probably looking for Naolin by now.  They know she is free, and they know that she is about to open the flood gates of lies that we have all been told.

Naolin picked at a piece of pie she had ordered and I was sipping on a cup of hot tea.  Yeah, angels and demons alike do enjoy human food and we do require a little food to keep us going.  Naolin hadn’t said a word since we had left the forest, other than to order her pie.  I took the time to study her face.  Her skin looked as soft as silk and her eye lashes were long and glittered in the light.  I wanted to be close enough to feel her eyelashes brush against my cheek.  I wanted to brush my hand across her cheek and run my fingers through her hair.

She looked at me, eyes locking with mine.  I had hoped for a smile, but I wasn’t so lucky.  I did, however, see a spark in her eyes.  A softness that would melt the heart of the coldest hearted man.  It was a spark that I hoped was a reaction to seeing me, and until I was told different I would let myself believe that. “What?”  She asked.  There was no smile, just a grimace.  The spark had faded and was replaced with pain.  I could see a tear forming in the corner of her eye.  I knew at that moment I would do anything to help her.  Even if it meant I would die in the end.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?”  I asked her.  I sat with my hands in front of me, one on top of the other.

“It’s complicated.”

“It’s even more complicated when you don’t try to explain it.”  I said with a smile.  I tried to stay calm and level headed.  I tried to push back my thoughts of what it would be like to kiss her, to feel her lips on mine.

“Stop looking at me like that.” She whispered.  My words froze when her cheeks became red.

“I’m sorry; you are the first angel I have ever met.”

“You won’t see many of us now.  Not since the revolution.”

“What revolution?”  I asked, leaning in closer to her.

“The angels are tired of being stuck in heaven.  We are tired of having such an easy life.”  She took a deep breath and sat down her fork.  “We were created, just as demons, to collect human souls.  We were to return them to heaven and show them the eternity they were promised.  It’s beautiful there.  Heaven is amazing, and the humans love it.”

“I have only heard stories of the beauty.  Peter told me all about the waterfalls and blue waters.”

“That is only part of the beauty.”  She smiled.  “But angels wanted to experience a human life.  We have been given this great gift of an easy life.  We don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations that humans do.  We did not earn our place in heaven, it was given to us.  Before long, angels were falling in love with humans.  It was a few at first, but once we all saw how happy the fallen angels were.  We wanted to follow.”

“A fallen angel is like a demon though.  They cannot return to heaven.”  I said.

“No.”  She shook her head.  “That is what we were fighting for.  We wanted to experience the human life.  We wanted to fall in love and have a family, then die at an old age and return to heaven.  Heaven wasn’t going to have that.  They said it was wrong, that angels have a job to do and we had no time to waste with such trivial things.”

“How come none of the demons have heard about any of this?”

“Because angels are good at hiding from the demons.  We were told that demons were evil and we had to stay away from them.”  Her eyes met mine again.  “You are not evil, Kyson.”

“No, I’m not.”  I said, my heart was beating so hard against my chest that I was sure it would stop.  Naolin’s blue eyes held my gaze and the corner of her mouth raised in a crooked smile.  I put my hands in my lap, so she would not see them shaking.  I almost laughed at my own reaction, like a school girl with a crush.  I was almost ashamed of it.

“We stayed away from the demons, and we revolted against heaven.  We demanded to live a human life so we could respect our duties with more understanding.  The council did not like the idea.  They said we would become blinded by human desires.”  I watched as she wiped a tear from her cheek.  “That is when they locked the gates of heaven.  None of the fallen angels can return and the ones remaining in heaven are not allowed to leave.  We are prisoners in the one place we were supposed to be happy and free.”

“What can we do about it?”  I asked her.

“There is only one thing I can think to do.”  She pushed her plate away and took a sip of her water.  “We have to see Lilith.”

“What?”  I shouted.  Lilith was a demon, a true demon.  What humans see as demons, is exactly what she is.  She drags chaos where ever she goes.  She is destruction in physical form.  Demons stay away from her.  She is not allowed in heaven or hell, she just wonders the Earth and destroys what gets in her way.

“She is the only one that can help us.”  Naolin said.  She stood from the booth and walked to the door.

“You can’t be serious.”  I said as I caught up to her.  I had met Lilith once.  She was beautiful and seductive.  She was what all men wanted and what all women wanted to be.  She was thrown from heaven after trying to seduce the big man himself.  Remember when I said that everything you know is a lie?  Don’t believe anything you have been told about Lilith or Lucifer and Satan.  Don’t believe what you have been told about god or any of his angels.  It’s all so much more twisted then what you know.  And Lilith is the last person you want to mess with.

“She owes me a favor.”  Naolin said.  She turned to look at me, daring me to ask.




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