What’s Next!?


I will admit, I watch a lot of TV.  I fear that at times I watch more TV then I spend reading.  But how could you not, with so many awesome shows on TV every night.  It’s great and it does help spark a little inspiration from time to time.

Yesterday I found out that one of my shows had been renewed and I was super excited.  I was so excited that I decided to check out the listings for renewed shows.  With this list came another list of shows that were canceled.

After looking through the renewed list like a mad man (woman) I wanted to go hide in a corner.  Some of my favorite shows were not listed.  I could already feel my heart breaking into a million pieces, just like it does every year with the news of canceled shows.

I prepared myself to bust out into tears and slowly went down the list.  “Take another little piece of my heart.” was playing through my head with every blow to the heart.  Seriously, some amazing shows had been canceled and more amazing ones are hanging in the “undecided” closet.

Let’s just talk a little about these programs and the stations that put them on.

The worst of them all is ABC Family.  I have started watching so many programs that they start, just for them to cancel after the first season.  Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if they didn’t leave things on such a huge cliff hanger!!

First example, Jane by Design.  A show about a high school girl who some how lucked out, tricked an entire company, and started her dream job before she was old enough or qualified.  The first season ended with her best friend confessing that he was in love with her.  What happened after that?  Did she get found out by the company?  How about the guy that was always flirting with her that was way to old for her, but he didn’t know because she was lying to everyone but her best friend.  COME ON!! At least give me a short movie to finish up the story.

Recently, there was a show called Bun Heads.  A Vegas show girl married this guy who had been in love with her for a long time.  The day they got married the guy was killed in a car accident.  The woman then had to try and get along with the mans mother who is mad because the guy signed everything over to the woman he had only been married to for a few hours.  There was so much they could have done with that!

There was another show called Nine Lives of Chloe King, the girl just found out she was some kind of half cat/half human thing.  The first season ended with someone being shot.  And Ravenswood, which was a spin off of Pretty Little Liars (HATE THE SHOW!) and ended on a cliffhanger.

CW is starting to get just as bad!  They just started a show called Star-Crossed.  Aliens from another planet crash land on Earth, and the aliens look just like humans, only with tattoos on their skin that they are born with.  Great show! It has already been canceled.  Really?  It hasn’t even finished it’s first seasons run.

Also on the CW they have canceled The Tomorrow People.  Its about these people that are born with powers.  They are humans with the ability to teleport, read minds, stop bullets, and one can even stop and reverse time.  This show just had it’s finale.  The main guy found out he can revers time and his uncle is out to start some kind of war.  CLIFFHANGER!

Here is the thing.  It’s not so much that these shows are canceled after one season.  It’s how they are ended.  Every single new show should be able to wrap up in one season.  They should have two endings ready.  One for if the show is signed on for another season, and another for if the show is canceled.  I am so sick of being left hanging, having no idea what would have happened next or any idea of what should happen.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland did it right!  They started this amazing show, but people lost interest.  They writers and producers and all that fancy stuff of the show, knew this might be a possibility.  So they wrote an ending to the show that could work if the show continued, and brought it to a nice ending if the show was canceled.  All new shows should be like that.  ALL OF THEM!!

Now for the shows that have been on for years, there is plenty of time to wrap things up and give us a proper ending.  ABC Family has a hard time doing this as well.  Remember Kyle XY?  Really awesome show, very horrible ending.

Maybe I am just coming at this like a writer…You don’t leave your readers hanging.  Though, my mom would say that I always leave her hanging.  Poor woman has read so many of my stories that were never finished…sorry mom.  All of these shows could have been wrapped with amazing movies.  Come on people, the movies that we are seeing today are not as great as they used to be.  Maybe by turning these shows into movies we will have something decent to watch?

Or you could just stop canceling these awesome shows after the first season.  Just a thought.

I will end this post here…there are so many more shows I could talk about, but this post would be way to long for the short attention of the human brain.


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