Movie Review: Devil’s Due


STOP EVERYTHING!! Do not rush to the store to buy this movie.  Do not rent it.  Don’t even look at the cover!

Okay, I may be a little hard on horror movies because it is my favorite genre when it comes to movies.  But I really like a movie that will at least make me jump or start thinking about horrible things in the middle of the night.

This movie did not do it for me at all.  I got to the end and sat staring at the screen hoping there was one last scare in the end credits.

Dumbest horror flick ever!


This man and woman are newlyweds and they have gone to some over seas place for their honeymoon.  I obviously did not pay enough attention to know exactly where they went.

On the trip this cab driver picks them up and tells the couple that he is going to take them to a party.  Here they get drunk as a skunk and wake up the next day, having no idea what has happened to them.

Of course, the viewers got to see what happened.  There was some kind of ritual and bright light, but that is about all you see.

Later on the woman finds out she is pregnant.

Hello, demon baby.

Ugh, must I continue with this non-sense?  We all know how this story goes.  Woman goes crazy and kills people then dies.  Some weird guys, the ones who did the weird ritual, the cab driver(!) take the baby after the woman cuts it out.  Then the guy is arrested and blamed for the murder of his wife and they question him where the baby is.

Of course, the cops don’t believe a word he says.  The guy probably ended up in a mental institution.

The movie ends with the same cab driver in Paris picking up another newlywed couple.  The end.

Nothing scary at all.  We don’t even get to see the demon baby!

My Opinion 

Don’t even bother with this movie.  Even if you jump at your own shadow, this movie will not scare you.  There is nothing scary or good about it.  It’s the same crap we have been getting for years.  I feel like, as a fan of horror, I should start a protest and ban all bad horror movies.  I am so sick of the bad ones.  I just want that one scary movie that makes me almost crap my pants or causes me to curl up in a corner crying.

I have seen short horror films that have scared me worse then this movie.  Even the actors were horrible in the movie.  The best actor was the baby!

Now that I have ripped that a new one, I will go see if I can find something better to watch.  Something that is not a complete waste of my time.


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