That Actually Happens?


I went to hang out with my cousin last night.  We went to the mall and pretty much walked the entire place to avoid going home.  It was already a fantastic trip, but then something magical happened.

First thing you should know, I have never dated, never had a boyfriend.  I have mentioned this in past blog post, but I always feel the need to remind everyone on my sad situation.  Believe me, I contemplate all the time why I am still single, sign up for a dating website, quickly remember why I’m single, and delete my profile.  There are some scary guys on the dating sites!

Our first stop in the mall was Spencer’s.  Why would you go anywhere else first?

There was this adorably cute guy working there and we ended up talking to the guy for a few minutes.  Then we moved on to continue shopping.

By the end of our shopping trip we ended up back at Spencer’s because my cousin decided she need to set me up with this guy.  I was dreading it, I don’t do well talking to guys, at least I used to.

We walked into the store and the guy remembered us!  I got all giggly.  Of course, because what else would a grown adult woman do when she is around a cute guy that is obviously too young for her!

Yes! I knew he was to young and I kept telling my cousin this, but she insisted that it was just an excuse.  I figured I would go with it anyways.  It’s never a bad idea to work on my flirting, seeing as I don’t flirt often.  Actually, I just don’t know when I’m flirting or when someone is flirting with me.

You did notice that this blog is about my awkward life right?

The guy decides to take my cousins Starbucks cup (we had very berry hibiscus refreshers with lemonade) to draw on.  He even signed her cup.

About this time I realized that it was my cousin the guy was flirting with.  We were in there for a good 10 minutes I know.  The guy drew more pictures on her cup and then handed it back to her.

You would not believe what that little sneak did.

Actually, anyone that has any experience dating would be able to figure it out.

The dude wrote his number on my cousin’s cup!  YES!! It actually does happen.  Random guys do give out their number.  It’s not something that just happens in movies and books.  Who knew?

It was the most amazing and magical thing ever. Or maybe I am just way to easily pleased?

As we were walking out giggling about the problem my cousin confesses that she feels bad she ended up with the guys number.  My cousin is about 8 years younger than me.  This guy is probably around her age.  See, we went back to Spencer’s so I could get the guys number, but I knew.  For some reason all the cute guys that I find myself having the courage to talk to are just too young.  Like between the ages of 20 and 25.  I know this.

I spent the whole drive home convincing my cousin that I wasn’t mad at her. How could I be mad when that just happened?  How could I be mad when I just witnessed something I thought only happened in books and movies?  I was excited and laughing like a high school girl with a crush, because it was such an epic moment.

Though, I did walk away feeling a little down.  Every girl could use a little attention.  But I am the girl that when there is another option available, I disappear into the background.  It has always been that way.  I’m almost used to it, but it could do my ego a little good to have at least on cute guy flirt back…or write his number on my Starbucks cup.

Excuse me while I go sulk.


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