A Little Inpsiration

I have been taking a course through Penn Foster for a certificate in freelance writing.  I figured through the process I could become a better writer and maybe even start writing for a magazine or newspaper one day.  I have been slowly going about the course and learning so many new things.

Monday I got a package in the mail from Penn Foster, but I wasn’t expecting any new material.

I am such a nerd when it comes to packages.  I love getting stuff in the mail, even if I know exactly what it is.  It’s even better when it’s an unexpected package, especially if it has something to do with books.

I quickly ripped the package open excited for what was inside.  My last package came with a book full of short stories and another book about journalism.  So I just knew that there was something magical in the box.  Of course, what book isn’t magical?

I promise you, when I opened the box and saw what I got I did a happy dance.  My smile reached my ears and I giggled like a little school girl.

Writers Market

YES!! It was the 2014 edition of the writer’s market.  You better believe I whipped that book opened and gazed at all the brilliant pages.

There are so many tips for writers.  Even how to manage your social media and how to perfect your platform.  What? Yes!  This book is where the magic lays dormant, just begging to be released and explored.

My school girl giggle turned into the laugh of a demented witch, because I knew I held the power in my hands.  Mwahaha!

That night I went through the book highlighting all the Literary Agents I wanted to look into.  I scanned over the book publishers and contest.  I even skimmed through the magazine sections.  I found one magazine that wants people who write book reviews.  My eyes lit up.

What do I do on this blog?  I write book reviews!  Among other things, but I write book reviews!

Of course getting this book in the mail has amped up my drive and my muse has been awoken from her deep slumber.

It is time for this girl to grab up her dream and run with it until it comes true or death takes me.

For me, this book sparked my newest motto.  YOU CAN’T STOP ME!  I know I will be spending many more nights and long days scouring the pages of this book while I polish up my manuscript.  I will have a beautiful query letter and I will be traditionally published one day.  And by one day, I mean one day in the very near future.

Excuse me now while I go perform my happy dance one more time.  🙂


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