Pixel Update

Pixel And Clovers


I am always trying to think of a quick blog for Sunday’s.  Something that won’t take up a lot of time for me or my readers.  So today I am just going to give you an update on Pixel!

Firs of all, this puppy wakes up way to early!  Every day she seems to wake up earlier than the last.  This morning she was up at 7:30am.  Why!?  Being a night owl and so not a morning person I grumble as I get out of bed to take her outside.  If I don’t she will find somewhere in my bedroom to take a potty break and I hate cleaning that up.

I think she is getting up with the sun.  One day I will invest in black out curtains for my windows and see how that works out for her.  Maybe I can get more sleep then.  Though, if I let her sleep in the bed she sleeps longer.  Because she had worms I was making her sleep in her bed and decided to keep it that way.  I sleep most of the night with the bed to myself.  On days that I am super tired, around 9:30am, I will let her get in the bed with me just so I can sleep more.  Is that bad?

I have officially taught Pixel to sit!  I am so excited.  My last dog, Spartacus, had to learn tricks later in life because I didn’t want to teach him and neither did anyone else.  I taught Spartacus how to sit and that was where his training ended.  Pixel is well on her way to learning to fetch now!  She will go after the ball a few times and bring it back, but she gets distracted very easily.  I can accept that, she is just a puppy after all.

She is worm free!! Yes! She goes back to the vet in about two weeks, but she is officially worm free.  And I am really close to having her house trained.  There are still a few accidents.

I have read a lot of training tips for house training a puppy.  It seems that they can only hold their bladder an hour for every month old they are.  Pixel is 3 months old today!! But I still take her out every 2 hours, that way there are no accidents.  She does get punished for using the bathroom in the house, but only if I had recently taken her out.  If I forget to take her out and she relieves herself in the house, that is my fault.  Though, she does have puppy pads all through the house that she will use randomly.

Last thing.  Having a puppy has been fantastic for me!  Because she can not get in the bed anymore, I am not laying in bed all day.  I feel bad that I am just watching TV while she is whining because she want’s to be with me.  I am also getting out of bed earlier.  I used to sleep until 12 or 1pm every day.  Now I am up between 9:30 and 10am.  Though, today I slept a little extra and got up at 11.

Then there is the exercise.  Because of this wonderful puppy I am outside every two hours waiting for her to use the bathroom and training her to fetch.  Losing my job and getting a puppy might be the greatest things that have happened in my life so far.  It was the two things that helped me reach for my dreams, lose weight, and get healthy!


2 thoughts on “Pixel Update

  1. sjoycarlson says:

    Pixel is so adorable! Also, congrats on teaching her to sit already. I’ve got two dogs and one of them (he’s like 4) hasn’t quite mastered that yet, but that’s probably my fault and not a commentary on his general intellectual capacity.

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