100 Post and a Clean Bookshelf

Today I am posting my 100th blog post.  WOOHOO!  I don’t think I have ever had a blog make it that far.  Also, Monday will be 4 weeks of a blog everyday.  Another feat I have never been able to accomplish.  I always let life get in the way and always made the excuse that I just didn’t have anything to blog about.  Which is a lie.  I have a notebook slam full of blog ideas just waiting for me to post them for the world to see.

Something changed in me when I lost my job and I will say, I am loving this part of me.  I love the writer I have become.  I love the crazy pet owner I have become.  I love the free thinker I have become.  There are so many options laying in front of me and I can’t wait to take advantage of it all.

In celebration for my 100th post I decided to do what I was supposed to do last week.  I cleaned and reorganized my bookshelf.  Let me tell you, it was no easy task!  It took a few hours to get it organized in a way I thought worked.  I also typed up all the books in an excel sheet so I knew what I had and what I had read.  So many books…Having them all in an Excel sheet is going to help on so many levels.  I even have a list of books owned on my Kindle, though I didn’t write all of those down because some were just plain dumb and I regret paying money for them.


In The Beginning

In The Beginning 2


Should you need a closer view of the mess, just click the pictures and the image will be enlarged.  Now, this is after a few years of not being touched other than to add more books.  I had no idea what books lay waiting for me to rediscover.  It was just a mess.  None of the series books were all together and my Stephen King shelf had been invaded by anything I felt needed to go on a shelf and out of the way.

I am ashamed of my lack of finesse when it comes to my most beloved treasures.

This is where the challenge started.  I decided I would take everything down one shelf at a time, organize and re-stock the shelf, and move on to the next shelf.  It took one shelf for me to realize that was not going to work

In The Beginning Full Veiw

The StackingThe Stacking 2Yes, a mess has occurred!!  I really did not have enough room in my bedroom floor for these books.  It was a slow process because I had to take down books, put them into my system, then decide what was going to go on what shelf so I could free up more room for the rest of the books.

My puppy, whose food you can see, did not like me at all that day.  Her food was eventually blocked by all the books and she started barking at the books.  It was kind of cute.

I should mention that while my room is probably the biggest room in the house, I also have the most stuff in my room.  I could probably furnish a house with all the stuff in my room, so it probably looks a little crowded.

I ended up with 192 books.  And that wasn’t counting the pile of about 50 books that I am taking to goodwill.

Finally, the process had come to an end.  My shelf was clean again and organized.  Because of the books I am getting rid of I was even able to create a shelf for all the books I need to read!  Which is fantastic because my bedside table was getting a little crowded.

FinishedAnd now my lovely white owl, Spells, has a place to call home where he won’t be knocked down all the time.

The top shelf is my Stephen King shelf and the very bottom shelf is my reading list.  Even though there are a few other books throughout my shelf that I have not read, these are top priority.

So here is a quick run down of what I found out during this process.

I own 192 Books.

Out of those I have read  89. Ouch… I have a lot of reading to do!

On my reading list I have 28 books.  So that leaves about 75 books on my shelf that I need to find and read and I bet most of them are Stephen King.

I have more Stephen King books than any other author. Kim Harrison comes in second.

I have 40 Kindle books that I decided were worthy to count and I have read all of those. In Kindle books I own more J.R. Ward than any other author, but Stephen King still trumps all.

I even found a few series books I had forgotten about and I now I have a list of those books I want to buy.

Sorry for such a long post today, I just had so much fun doing this.  Hopefully my bookshelf can stay amazing until it’s time to move.




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