It Has Become a Problem

I have talked several times about my addiction to books.  I have talked about how often I will buy a new book because it has sparked my interest.  My mom once told me to embrace my addictions, because I don’t have any really bad ones.  At least it didn’t seem like a problem.  Not until now.

I have a file on my computer with pictures.  A lot of pictures.  Pictures of books!  When I see a book on a shelf that I find interesting but can’t afford it or is a second to a series, I will take a picture and save it.  That way, when I get home or get the time I can look the book up and read reviews or find the first of the series.  Today I took one picture and bought two books…

New Books

I had seen Panic a few times before and just had to buy it this time.  Then my eyes wandered around and landed on Dorthy Must Die.  I have been a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz since I was a little girl.  So much so that I am always on the look out for red sparkly shoes for adults…little kids get all the fun things!  I just recently went to a play at a high school about it too.  When I found this book I couldn’t put it down, but I had to have Panic because I had seen it so many times.

Being horrible at making decisions, I went for both of them.  This is why I shouldn’t be allowed around books.  They are like cute little puppies and kittens.  I can’t say no to them.  I have to have them, even if it will be years before I can read them.  I have so many books right now on my bedside table (it’s my physical “to-read” list!)

Yes, my addiction has become a problem and I might need to find a support group.  Or maybe I just need to hand my money over to someone else so they can tell me what I can and can not buy.  My mom has offered several times.  Being unemployed makes this addiction even worse.  But what am I supposed to do?  It is my business to read and report on the good and bad books. It is my duty as an avid reader to find amazing books to suggest to the world.  I may love reading more than I love writing!

Okay that last bit was a lie.  It’s a nice little tie.  I mean, any writer will tell you that reading is part of the job!

Excuse me while I go build a fort out of my “to-read” list and freshen up my wish list on Amazon.  There is a reason that I only ask for books for my birthday and Christmas.


4 thoughts on “It Has Become a Problem

  1. J. Sander says:

    And you know what, I am exactly the same! Except my family has refused to buy me books for Christmas or Birthdays now on a count of being too “boring”. Well I never…

    • heartofheather says:

      I think I would cry if my family didn’t buy me books for my birthday and Christmas. They wouldn’t have anything else to buy me. lol

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