Vet Visits and Vomit

Pixel Outside 2

This will be a short post as I was distracted last night and didn’t write a post for today. Now, I am sitting at the hair dresser getting my hair dyed purple!

I took Pixel to the vet yesterday because of her worms. But befit that I had to follow her around the yard so I could get a stool sample. I used to think dog owners were weird for watching their dogs go to the bathroom. Now I’m the weird one.

I got her stool sample and had to keep it in the fridge until I took her to the vet. Yes, I had puppy poo in my fridge! I double bagged that crap too!

I got her ready to go and she knew something was up. She ran from me.

I had her and all the stuff for the vet loaded up and headed down the road. Pixel tried to get in my lap. I had to hold her harness to keep her in the seat.

The new vet was awesome. They were all so nice and friendly. They found out that Pixel had roundworm as well as tapeworm. Ugh! They even stuck a thermometer up her but. Poor puppy.

They had to give her a pill for worms and she wouldn’t take it. They hid it in a dog treat. Just like last time, she are the treat and spit out the pill. She is a smart little punk. Then they used a gel dog treat. Yay! She finally took her medicine.

On the ride home she did really good. She slept the whole time, but she had her back to me. I’m sure that means she was mad at me.

At home she loved me again and all was well until around 9. That is when everything Pixel ate come back up. I had to chase her around the house to see where she was throwing up at.

I swear, having a puppy is as bad as having a baby!

Last night, since she can’t sleep in the bed anymore, she whined for three hours!! I ended up yelling at her. I was so mad and had a headache. Pixel understands the angry voice. I didn’t hear her again after that.

Time to go. The hair dryer just cut off and it’s time to finish my hair!


One thought on “Vet Visits and Vomit

  1. J. Sander says:

    Awh your puppy is just the cutest. I remember the puppy phase, it’s a tough one. Luckily it doesn’t last that long. I am thinking there is a reason puppies are soo cute….
    What helped me when my dog was a pup was to buy a stuffed animal toy that looked like him and was relatively the same size. He would sleep on it and carry it everywhere. I think he thought it was a puppy like him and just helped him adjust to being without his litter mates. Also kept him quiet during the night! Good luck with Pixel 🙂

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