Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 1)

Here it is.  The first installment of my first short story.  I hope that you enjoy.  Please like, comment, and share if you found it enjoyable!

Soul Collectors (Part 1)

There once was a myth about angels and demons.  Actually that myth still seems to hold true.  Angels are always seen as the good guys while demons are supposedly evil.  That’s just putting it simply.  There is more to the stories.  Like how angels help when you are in trouble, or they take your soul to heaven.  Demons on the other hand are said to create chaos, spread fear, and drag souls to hell.  What if I told you it wasn’t true?  What if I told you that everything you know is wrong?

Angels are no better than demons and demons are no worse than angels.  We were all made from the same cloth.  We were all angels in the beginning and technically we all still are angels.  Some of us were just unfortunate enough to be sent to manage hell while the lucky stayed in heaven.  Demons are actually the ones that deliver souls to either heaven or hell, and demons are usually the ones to fight for a soul who has been mistakenly sentenced to hell.  Angels are kind, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty.  They will save a human from death and they will show you around heaven once you are there.  They don’t want to touch the souls before then.

Honestly, I think their position in heaven gave them a bit of a big head.  At one time they worked just as hard as the demons, but some of the demons went a little bad.  Hell can really get to a demon, especially when your job is to torture the souls who were evil in their life.  Some of the demons changed and became twisted.  Some of these demons are the reason demons have bad names.

Angels sit in heaven and live the good life, while demons work their wings off to keep the position they have. At least that was what the stories said.  I believed them all until I met an angel myself one day.  I had never met an angel before her, but I knew what she was the moment I saw her.  Her fair skin glowed in the moonlight and her black hair glittered as if the stars themselves hid there.  It was her eyes that gave her away though.  Her eyes at times were crystal blue, almost clear, and other times they were the color of a stormy sky.  It was love at first sight…for me.  For her, I was just another demon in her way.

We met one night during a run.  I was collecting a soul to take to heaven.  I had just collected the soul and was looking up at the moon when I felt her presence.

“What are you doing with that soul?”  She asked me.  When I looked at her she stood with one hand on her hip and a sword hung in the other.  I had never seen someone so serious.

“I am doing my job.”  I answered her.  I held the glowing stone of a soul in my hand, clutching it to keep it safe.  “Why are you here?”

“This is my soul to take.”  She said.  She moved closer, but I took a step back.  I had never lost a soul, never took a soul to the wrong place, and I was not going to start now.

“I believe you are mistaken.  This soul is to go to heaven and I intend to deliver it there.”

“Heaven is no place for a demon.  It should be the job of an angel to deliver any soul to the holy land.” She said.  She was snarky and fierce.

“Really?  Then where are the angels?”  I asked her.  I was growing angry, though I wasn’t sure why.  It never bothered me that demons had bad reps and I agreed with her, but that was beside the point.  “They sit up in heaven and wait for the demons to do the dirty work.  You make us look like the bad guys and take all the credit when the soul reaches its destination.”

“You know I’m an angel?”  She asked me.  Her brow pinched in confusion. I held back a laugh, I knew she would take my laughter the wrong way.  I thought she was beautiful, even if she seemed a bit naive.

“Of course I know you are an angel.  I have not seen any of you on the Earth realm in a while.  Are you lost?”

“No!”  She shouted.  I could no longer contain my laughter.  “Hand me the soul.”  She said as she lifted her sword toward me.  It was the first time I witnessed her eyes changing color.  They went from their crystal blue color to an angry gray.

“I will not fight you, because demons and angels should be working together, not fighting.  I also will not hand over this soul.  I have been delivering souls to heaven since the angels decided to retire from the job.  If it wasn’t for us demons heaven would be empty and lost souls would haunt every inch of the Earth.”

“I have never stopped my duty.”  She snarled at me.  With every moment that passed I felt my attraction to her grow.  She was strong for an angel and maybe not as naïve as I first thought.

“Well, this is my soul.  You were a little late in collecting this gem.  Please, go on to your next assignment while I deliver this soul.”

“I cannot trust that you will deliver that soul to heaven.”  She stepped closer, but this time I stood my ground.  I was not afraid of her and if truth be known, I wanted to be closer to her.

“Then travel with me so that you can see you can trust me.”  There was a hint of a dare in my words.  I wanted her to leave, but another part of me wanted her to stay.  I wanted to spend more time with this angel, to see what made her tick.

“Then let’s go, demon.”

“You can call me Kyson.”  I smiled at her.  “Do you have a name, angel?”

“I am Naolin.”  She glared at me.  “Move it, before you waste anymore of my time.”

“If I remember correctly, you are the one that stopped me from my work.”  I laughed.

“I will not fret to use my sword on you.”  She said as she raised her sword to my throat.  I could only laugh as I spread my black wings and took to the air.  Seconds after my feet left the ground Naolin was beside me, her white wings spread wide.  I had never seen an angels wings before, I only had stories to go by.  I had only heard rumors about how beautiful they were.  Now I could see the appeal.  They were white, but lining the edges of every feather was a thin trace of silver that caught the moonlight.  It wasn’t just her hair that had stars living in it, but her wings as well.

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