What Nightmares are Made of

I usually include a picture in most post.  I read somewhere that more people will read your blog if you have some kind of picture.  I have actually found that is somewhat true, but because of the nature of this post I will spare you the horror and not post pictures.

Also DISCLAIMER: What you read here may possibly make your skin crawl, because it isn’t pretty!

 I have warned you and I saved you from seeing pictures.  Now on to the topic.


This morning I took Pixel (my puppy) out for a potty break after she woke up from her night time sleep.  It’s honestly like having a baby because I am so proud of her that she sleeps all night and right by my side.  I was actually shocked at how well I sleep with her beside me and some nights it makes it easier to sleep.

Off topic, sorry.

I took Pixel out to go potty.  I watched her go like I always do just to make sure she goes.  Something looked a little off about her morning dump.  Yes, I know it’s gross to watch a dog take a crap, but most dog owners will tell you it’s kind of necessary and this morning I found out why.

I walked over to where Pixel did her business to check it out.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but I knew I had seen something so I got a stick (I KNOW! GROSS) and moved it around.  Low and behold…WORMS!! Yes…These ugly, flat, wiggling worms were in my dogs crap.

I rushed in the house and hit up Google for answers.  I was freaked out because I had just read about whipworms and those things are deadly for animals.  I was worried my puppy was going to die on me.  But I found some forums and read that my puppy just has tape worm.  I say “JUST” because this is something that is not life threatening as long as you take care of it as soon as possible.

My next questions was “OMG!! Am I going to have worms too?!”  Pixel has slept in my bed with me since I brought her home.  It’s only natural that I worry about this.  I found a bunch of information and also found out that I am probably okay right now.  It is the first time I have noticed the worms so she probably hasn’t had them long.

Then…This is where the nightmare comes in!  I found out that these worms will crawl out of the puppy while she is sleeping and die on the bed she sleeps in.

Is your skin crawling yet?  Mine is.

I checked my sheets where my puppy sleeps and guess what I found!

I want to say nothing.  I want to say that my bed was free and clear and I have nothing worry about.  I want to say that I will sleep comfortably tonight.

But none of that is true.

There were brown rice looking things on my bed.  While I was researching I read that dead tape worms will look like brown rice.  Yea, they are dead and the worms don’t live long outside of the body.  But OH MY GOD!! They were in my bed!  WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!

I knew having a puppy was going to be hard work.  I knew about the vet visits, the fleas and having to de-worm them.  I didn’t know about the nasty creatures that crawl around on my bed while I am sleeping!!

So the fun begins.  Tonight lil miss will be sleeping in her kennel and I will train her to go there for bed time from now on.  And tomorrow she will be visiting a new vet.  One that will actually take a look at her and not make me call the manufacturer when she throws up her flea medicine.

If anyone has any suggestions about raising a puppy or want to share your own horror stories, please do!

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