Impulse Buys


I had another post for today, but some stuff come up and I wasn’t able to finish it.  So I decided to tell you about the problems that caused me to veer away from my first idea.

Friday nights are family night (minus my dad. He doesn’t go out much.) We go out to eat and then do a little shopping.  By a little shopping I mean hitting up Target or Walmart.  Walmart is guaranteed a good time with the strange people and tons of stuff we don’t need but feel an undying want for.  Target is where we go for quality stuff and to get away from the crazies, also my brother works there so he knows most of the people working there.

This week it was Target.  I was actually looking for a wet to dry Instyler so I didn’t have to blow dry, then straighten my hair.  Such a hassle.  They didn’t have one. Ugh.  My mom and I went looking for candles and found out that Glade has discontinued their scented oil candles.  Dear Glade, bring it back!! I have never been so sad about a discontinued product.  Those candles were awesome and I didn’t worry about forgetting I was burning a candle and burning down my house because they only lasted for a few hours!

We then wandered to the electronics department.  Which is near the book section mind you.  I had put into the buggy a new phone case and a new water bottle.  Both were heavy in price, but I was having fun, what did I care.

Then, my eyes found it…the camera booth.  All the cameras and great prices, and by prices I mean EXPENSIVE because I want a nice camera with the fun lens on it.  It makes me feel all professional.   By this time I have convinced myself that I need a new camera because my old one doesn’t charge. I have been using my iPhone for pictures and while they turn out great, I wanted a camera! Or at least convinced myself that I really needed one.

I had my eye set on two different ones. One was a Nikon.  I love Nikon.  My old camera is a Nikon Coolpix and the thing took great pictures when I could charge it.  The other camera was a Canon PowerShot SX510HS.  I guess you can tell that is the one I got.  Come on, it’s a Canon.  As my brother said “People make movies with Canons.”  Not that I have a desire to become a movie maker…director what ever.  I just want to look like a professional when I am out taking pictures.  Also, the Canon was cheaper.

So, I dove in and I bought it.  Along with a case and a memory card.  I pull it out of the box the second I get in the car and start playing with it.  Then the unease sets in.  I wonder how much I really needed the camera and how I don’t have a job so making a big purchase may have been a really dumb idea.

I get home, charge the battery and start taking pictures.  It feels good to have a camera in my hand again instead of just a phone.  Even if the iPhone takes really good pictures…Let’s just say, I am an idiot.  I take pictures in the dark to see how good all that is and I am terribly disappointed.  My Nikon took better pictures in the night.  Then when I went to connect my camera to the computer I realized that they failed to include a cord in the package.  There is not even supposed to be one.  Who does that?? So now I have to buy a cord just to get the pictures from my camera to my computer, or pull out my laptop and use the memory card slot, my desktop doesn’t have one. (This is why the other post didn’t happen today.  My pictures for it are on the new camera!)

As I am looking to see if I already have a cord I find my old camera and realize my major mistake!  I had been trying to charge it by plugging it into the computer.  STUPID ME! You have to take the battery out and put it in it’s charger for it to charge.  Where is the charger?  I have no clue!! It has disappeared.

I ordered a replacement charger and the new Canon may be going back to the store.  Yes, impulse buys should never happen.  I do it every time, but I never regret them this much!  I have a problem.

And because of the camera I didn’t even make it to the book section!  I have betrayed myself in so many ways tonight, but I will make it right.

Have you ever made any impulse buys that you grew to hate?


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