Pixel’s Visit to the Vet

I have now had Pixel for two weeks.  I have never had a puppy where I was the one responsible for everything to do with her.  My last dog I would play with and give treats, but that was all.  I didn’t house train him, buy his food or feed and water him, and I didn’t take him to see the vet.  I have always been a cat person and as we all know, cats don’t need as much care.  They are pretty independent.  Dogs take a lot more work, which I am starting to find out.

Today I took Pixel to the vet. Her very first visit.  Well, her first visit with me.  I don’t know if her previous owner took her to the vet or not.  I know a lot of people that give shots and everything to their dogs themselves.  After losing Spartacus I decided that my next puppy would get the best care I could afford.

Pixel Vet Visit

The ride there was a little tough.  I am trying to get her used to riding in the car in the passenger seat, but she wanted in my lap.  I was able to keep her in the passenger seat on the trip there.  On the way back, about 5 minutes from home, she wanted in my lap and she was very persistent.  I am sure she was just feeling a little overwhelmed with all the excitement and having to get her distemper shot.  At the vet she did fantastic though, and not a single accident in the car or elsewhere.


After I brought her home she slept a good bit.  Then around dinner time I tried to give her a pill that is for fleas, heart worm, and intestinal worms. It’s supposed to be a chewable pill and you are to give it to your puppy like a treat.  Pixel was not about to have that.  I tried to give her the pill, but she wouldn’t take it.  She kept spitting it out.  I tried to put it in a piece of chicken.  Now, I don’t want my puppy eating human food, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I shoved the pill into the chicken.  This little punk was able to maneuver the pill out of the chicken, spit the pill out, and eat the chicken.  I even tried with a treat and she did the same thing.

My dad ended up holding her down and forcing it down her throat.  *Phew!* I didn’t think I would ever get that pill in this hard headed puppy.

Sadly, it wasn’t over yet.  A little less than an hour later “Little bit” starts choking and I put her in the floor so she doesn’t puke on the couch.  I was hoping she would do like my cats, choke a little bit and then be okay.  Nope.  She puked.  A huge pile of puke.  I have no idea how she got so much food in her stomach!

I got her back on the couch after taking her outside for some fresh air and she went back to sleep.  15 minutes later she starts choking again.  I put her in the floor and she takes of running to her room (my room) and pukes again…twice.  Let’s just say it was not a fun night for me.  I have never cleaned up so much dog puke.

She went back to sleep again and now she seems fine.  The only problem is that she no longer has any medicine in her for fleas and worms. Ugh!! I think someone forgot to tell me how much having a puppy was like having a baby.  Seriously.

Despite the mess and the hassle, I am loving my little Pixel.  She has been so great to have around and I can see her personality coming out now that she is used to her new home.  She is half way to sitting when told.  Sometimes she does it, sometimes she just stares at you like “Hello, treat first then I sit.”  She sleeps in my bed every night without any accidents (knock on wood.)  And her bark is adorable.  She still whines when I leave the house with out her and she still has a few accidents in the house.  I’m getting there though. Right now she is sitting at my feet, her head propped on my foot, waiting for me to go to bed.  (I write my post at night before bed.)

I’m excited to see how big she gets and I am dying to teach her more tricks.  I just have to wait until her attention span is longer than 2 seconds.


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