Dream Library

In honor of National Library week I decided I wanted to dream a little bit.

I have a whole house designed for myself.  Part of it is based on my grandpa’s old house…actually most of it is based on his old house.  But I wanted to make a few changes to what he had, though really it’s just adding a library to it.  The plans already have an office and it is a perfect office for me.  It has a bookshelf behind the desk, which would be perfect for all my notebooks and journals and whatever books I find necessary for writing.  It’s a perfect little office in a perfect home.

Except for the library.  I have always dreamed of having a huge library full of books that I have read and books that I want to read.  There isn’t even much to the library except tons of packed shelves and ladders that roll across the floor.

Have you ever seen the library in Beauty and the Beast?

beauty-and-the-beast-libraryThat’s about what I want my library to look like.  But even this is missing something.  What is it missing?  Extremely comfortable places to read the day away!

First of all, every window needs to have a window seat so I can read there when the day is bright, or even on a rainy day.  There is nothing more exciting then reading while it’s raining and being able to watch the rain when you remember to look up from your book.

In every corner upstairs and down, there would be an over-sized, overstuffed chair to sink into when you finally find the book you want.  Every corner!

Behind one bookshelf, anywhere in the library, will be a hidden door.  This door will lead to a room set up just for reading.  Chairs, lounges, and giant pillows piled up in corners.  The library is really big and big places can sometimes be distracting.  That is why you would need a room off to the side for days that you don’t want to be surrounded by so much and just want to be in a cozy room to read.

Also, down in the center of the library will be a pit full of pillows and blankets.  A reading pit, begging to be used.

Of course, there will still be a fire place.  In front of the fire place will be a giant couch with fluffy cushions.  The kind of couch that you just sink into, almost like the cushions are trying to eat you.  It would be a terribly fantastic way to be eaten if you think about it.

The last thing would be one corner where I can make a cup of tea.  Because warm soothing tea goes great with a good book.  My favorite tea is by lipton and is called Soothe.  It’s a type of green tea and it’s amazing.

*sigh* Just as soon as I become rich I will have my dream library.

Do you have a dream library?  What does yours look like?


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