The Future is Here

For so many years I have been obsessed with futuristic movies, shows, and books.  I love anything that is set in some kind of dystopian life, or post-apocalyptic.  It’s just something that has always interested me.  I even enjoy the things that have a future where computers run everything and we are not far from that life.

I came across this article about a man who tracks his everyday life with all his electronic devices.  You can read the article HERE.

This man is so connected to a life that relies on electronics.  Everything he does or basically feels, is recorded for him to look at later.  While I think it’s crazy and kind of sad, there is also an admiration attached to my discomfort.

I have never been good at remembering things and I am horrible about writing things down when I am told about them or think about them.  I don’t even want to think about how many stories I have lost because of this, though I am getting better when it comes to story ideas.  It would be awesome to be hooked up to devices that record my day for me and keeps track of everything that I do.  And I feel like this is where the world is headed.

I see a world so full of electronic devices that we fail to leave our homes because there will be no need to leave.  All of our jobs can be done from home and our groceries can be sent to us by bots.  Amazon is working on bots  that deliver what ever you order from their site.  We will control robots from our homes to do all the manual labor.  And soon all those robots will be smart enough to just do the work on their own.

That’s when the jobs start disappearing, kind of like how they already have.  Look at telephones.  In the 60’s people had jobs working switchboards so that you could connect to the person you wanted to talk to.  On into the 70’s those jobs were gone.  People lost their jobs because we decided that a machine could do it better.  Sure, it’s possibly quicker, but when I dial 0 for operator I would love to talk to an actual person.  Actually, I would have loved working as a switchboard operator.  I’m sure it wasn’t a grand job, but it just seems like it would have been fun.

There are so many other jobs that have been taken over by machines and it’s only going to get worse.  We will be connected to one another through electronics.  We may even forget how to talk one day.

Then the impossible will happen.  Everything will shut down and where are we then?  A bunch of lazy humans that have no idea how to keep the world running because we let machines control everything we did.  Ever watch the Jetsons?  Sure it would be an awesome world, but what happens when the houses in the sky fall to the ground?

What happens when we are thrown back to reality and see how far we have come?

I would probably get more done if I had something recording my every second of every day.  I would probably remember things better and even force myself to do things that I don’t do now, just because I would have proof of doing it or not.  But in the process wouldn’t my memory get worse?  Wouldn’t I rely too much on some machine to tell me when to eat, when to sleep, and when to use the bathroom?

Yes, the future is here and honestly, I don’t like it one bit.  I would love to get my hands dirty growing my own food.  I would love to spend my day writing down messages sent with Morse code.

Maybe we will see the future of a computerized world, just to see the apocalyptic life after.  The real question is, how soon will we see them?


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