Smell of Death

For the past week my house has smelled like death.  It’s not because my house is dirty and it has nothing to do with the new puppy that I brought home Saturday.  See I live in the country and there are all kinds of smells that linger, but none have ever been this bad.  We have debated on what it could be and every time we think we know the cause something happens to disprove our theory.  So I took it upon myself to tell the story of why there is a dead body under my house.

The Story Begins

Ten years ago we moved into this house.  It was a quick decision, we didn’t have a lot of time to find anything better.  Not only was the home available, but it was with in our price range as well.  We jumped on the chance to buy the house, even with the horrible smell of the inside.

The previous owners had owned dogs and kept them in the house.  Which is fine, I love having animals in the house, but the owners didn’t house train the dogs.  Every room in the house was covered in carpet and that carpet was soaked with dog pee.  Add that on top of the house being shut up for months and it being the middle of summer, you can imagine the smell that buried itself into your nose.  I think I could actually see the green fumes of stink flowing out of the floor.

Even after removing the carpet the smell did not go away.  The dog urine had leaked into the wood under the carpet.  We had to pull up the carpets and cover the wood floors with baking soda to soak up the urine and get rid of the smell.  That was only the beginning of the reservations we had to do to the house, but that is when the trouble started.

While removing the carpet we found a loose board.  I know what you are thinking, “That only happens in movies.”  But you are so very wrong. It happens to people who settle for a home in a bad neighborhood.  It’s not a bad neighborhood because of crime.  No, it’s a bad neighborhood because most of the families that live here are related.  They were related to the previous owner and that owner actually died in this house.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a ghost story.

Under the loose boards we found letters.  Me being the curious girl that I am I had to read them even after my dad told me to throw them away.  I hid them in my journal until everyone was asleep that night.  Sometimes it’s best to let certain things go and I really wished I had listened to my dad.  I wish I had throw away those letters.

The first letter was normal.  It looked like a sweet love letter.  The writer of the letter was talking about how she would love some man until death.  A little extreme, but some love stories are like that…right?  I continued to read the letters and the last few really struck me as odd.  It seems that the writer of the letters was in love with a married man.

I didn’t know that the man was the previous owner. I found that out later.  I also found out that the man didn’t die of natural causes.  It seems that he was poisoned by his wife and the woman who loved him.  The poor man didn’t see it coming.  What I gather, he loved his wife but the woman from the letters was a high school sweetheart who didn’t know how to let go.  He hid the letters so his wife wouldn’t find them.

My question is, why hide them when you could just throw them away.  Seriously, he could have told his wife about the loony woman and things would have been fine…Okay not really.  The woman from the letters would have still killed him.

Evidently the wife found the letters and decided that her husband was cheating on her.  Which, of course, he wasn’t.

So the man was killed by a ton of poison and the woman who wrote the letters was killed by the wife.  Crazy right?

After asking around about the people that used to live in my house, every one got suspicious and found out that I knew the story.  That is when the trouble started happening.  The woman who wrote the letters to the man, let’s say her name was Lucy.  I don’t want her family to find out I was writing about her.  Lucy was related to the people that live around here, and so was the mans wife.  They were sisters!! Isn’t it funny how sisters will fight over a man?  Of course, Lucy was the mans high school sweetheart.  Who knows how the sister ended up marrying him.

I was talking about how crazy both of the woman sounded.  The family didn’t take to kindly to that.  Since then we have had a ton of problems.

They have stolen our mail and our home was almost sold out from under us because we didn’t get the tax notice.  They tried to hook up to our well and steal our water.  They have even stolen power by using an extension chord plugged into the outlet we had to set up for our pool.  That isn’t even the worst.  We have lost so many animals to these people poisoning them!   The whole family has close relationships with poison.

The Threats

This is where we are now.  The family that surrounds my property want us out.  They want us to move so they can have this land and reclaim it as family property.  I am also aware that somewhere in the yard something of value has been buried.  I don’t even want to know what is hidden in the building behind my house.  It is on our property and we use it to store things, but I have never thoroughly inspected it.

About a month ago I heard the neighbors laughing and shouting nonsense about killing someone.  I didn’t think much about it.  They have a lot of parties and drunk rant all the time.  I just figured they were drunk again.

I was outside throwing my knives when someone walked down the road and into the house of my neighbor.  They glared at me the whole time.  I think I even heard them say something about how they were going to fix me.  I didn’t think anything of that either.  You just don’t threaten a girl who is outside throwing knives!  At least not if you are smart.

That brings us to this week.  The smell that has permeated the entire house and didn’t seem to be going away.  We thought it might possibly be a dead cat in the vents, or even a litter of dead kittens.  We thought that maybe it was the opossum or the raccoon that sometimes eats with my cats.  We just assumed it was an animal that created the smell through out the house.  Some animal that crawled under the house and died or was drug under the house after it was killed.

The Body

My brother and I decided to crawl under the house and have a look around.  I do not like crawling under houses.  Even thinking about it makes my skin crawl.  All the spiders and other crawly creatures that live in damp places.  Not to mention the snakes and the bones of all the pets that died under the house.

We didn’t have to go far, we just followed our noses and there it was.  The body.  It was bloated and gray.  Cold dead eyes that were once blue stared back at us.  The mouth was open wide as if the man had been killed mid scream.  I tried to hurry out.  I tried to scream. I tried to close my eyes.

But I couldn’t do anything.  I could only stare until I heard my brother gag.  It was then that I noticed the maggots crawling out of a slash across the mans stomach.  It was at that point that I also realized his guts were hanging out and my hand was very close to touching what had trailed behind the body.

I rushed out from under the house as quickly and my hands and knees could carry me and grabbed the phone to call the police.

Finding the Truth

The police were able to drag out the body and take it away.  The fact that there was no blood at the site they knew the man had not been killed there, of course it would be hard to kill someone under a house….wouldn’t it?  They raided our home to look for blood and weapons.  They even asked the infamous question “Do you have any enemies?”  We told the cops about the neighbors and what had been going on with them.

Later that day they told us what had happened.  My next door neighbor had actually placed the body under our house.  It seems she was mad at us for not sharing our well and she was mad at the man because he wouldn’t leave his wife to be with her.  Talk about a crazy family.

I feel like I have moved into one of those backwoods movies where the inbreeds fight over who gets to eat the human skin.  *Shudder*  Obviously it is about time to get out of this neighborhood before they come to kill me!

The End


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