I started this blog a year ago.  My first post was April 9 ,2013.  I would blog religiously for a week or so then disappear for a little bit.  I have never been one to blog on a regular schedule like a good blogger should.  I always let life get in the way.  I enjoy blogging so much and it has been great to be able to blog so much lately.  I am hoping to keep on a regular schedule now even when I do find another job.

Today I finally reached 100 followers.  I know for some of you that have hundreds of followers think I am crazy, but I got excited when I just had 50.  I have never had so many followers on anything I have ever done.  This feels like my first big hurdle and it’s only going to get better from here.

Now, out of the 100 followers I don’t know how many actually read my blogs anymore.  Like I said, I started this blog a year ago and have been blogging on and off.  I don’t have a comment on every blog and the comments that I do have are few and far between, but I don’t care.  I love the few that I do reach with my post and I love the ones who enjoy reading my random awkwardness.

I started a blog a long time ago for the simple fact of having my thoughts out there because they were killing me.  I had to share the darkness that had settled deep in my core and I didn’t want to worry the people around me.  I didn’t start blogging so I could complain to everyone or even to get sympathy from someone.  I started blogging just so I could connect to others who were going through the same thing as me.  I wanted a platform that my parents wouldn’t see.  A platform my real life friends couldn’t see.  I had no one else to tell my problems to and my diary just wasn’t making the cut anymore.

I had once created a blog just to post while I was at work.

Now my blog has become a place to share the things that I love and just have a place for my thoughts.  I am trying to get my name out to the world so that I have something to back up my writing when I start looking for an agent.  I love feedback and random comments.  I just love the community that comes with the blogging world.

So thank you to those that follow me.  Thank you even more if you actually read and enjoy my blogs.


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