Horror Movie Freak


I have been watching horror movies since I was 3 years old.  It’s true.  When my mom took me to the video store I would go straight to the horror section.  I asked my mom how I got that way, because parents don’t sit a child so young in front of a TV and tell them to watch a scary movie.  My mom isn’t even sure how it happened to be honest, it just did.  I was a demented and morbid person from the start.  Even now, nothing has changed.

I am crazy when it comes to horror movies and even short films you find on YouTube.  There are so many amazing short film creators on YouTube from BlackBoxTV to Drew Daywalt.

Drew Daywalt created one of my favorite short films.


I will watch anything under horror at least once, or at least the first 10 minutes of it.  Netflix has the tendency to bore me with their cheap horror films.

There is just something about a good horror film that I love.  It’s like an adrenaline rush that last through the entire movie.  What is going to happen?  Who is going to die?  What is after them?  How much blood will there be?  So many questions and so many possibilities.

Sadly there have been a lack of good horror movies on the market.  They are all so predictable and used up ideas.

While I love horror movies there are a few that I will not watch.  Maybe it’s because of my need to not like what everyone else loves or maybe they really are boring.

The Hills Have Eyes are one of those movies that I do not care for.  It turned my stomach in a way that is not comfortable nor worth the lousy movie.  Actually, I can’t stand movies about backwoods inbred monsters that get off on torturing and eating people.  Although, these movies are also the reason I am terrified of getting lost while I am driving alone.

The Saw movies are another horror film/films that I can not stand.  The first one was okay, I guess.  Then they just kept pumping them out like Leprechaun or Halloween.  They should have stopped with the first one, but watching it once was still enough for me.

I have been trying to figure out what my favorite horror movie is.  What movie really freaks me out enough to keep the lights on while I sleep.  I can’t think of one, but if I had to pick a favorite horror movie it would be Nightmare on Elm Street or Child’s Play.  When I was younger they terrified me, but as I got older it became harder to scare me.  Seriously, not a lot freaks me out anymore. Okay, I still get freaked out by Exorcist…but there are reasons for that!

Oh, I have fears, but they have nothing to do with monsters that live under the bed or Freddy killing me in my sleep.  I don’t even fear being possessed by demons or haunted by ghost.  I will have to share my other fears another day.

The worst part about my love of horror movies is that guys just don’t enjoy them.  I thought all guys loved horror movies or at least loved taking girls to see horror films. Every guy I have found interest in has either hated horror films (little pansies) or just didn’t like them.  Where are all the cool guys that love horror movies?

Enough with my crisis of being single.

What is your favorite horror movie?  Or do you avoid them?


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