Old Cartoons


When I was young I watched “Somewhere In Dreamland” several times.  I have no idea how I came across it.  I don’t know if I saw it on TV or if it was in one of those cartoon bundle packs that has a bunch of old cartoons.  I actually remember watching a lot of very old cartoons when I was a kid.  Sure, I watched the new stuff but I always had a soft spot for the older ones.

I went searching for “Somewhere in Dreamland” because I knew somewhat of what it was about, it has stuck with me since I was a kid, but I didn’t remember the whole story.  I just remembered two kids who where poor, dunking their stale bread in milk and dreaming about a wonderful place with food.  Then when they woke up the local baker brought over a bunch of food for the kids.  But the story is so much deeper than that.

All the store owners of the town would leave out pieces of wood for the kids to collect and the baker was going to give them cupcakes, but the kids walked away too soon.  This town had come together to help a single mom care for her two children.  It’s a beautiful story and goes to show why kids cartoons now days are straight up crap.

Sure, they are entertaining, but what do they teach kids?  Squirrels can live under the sea, fish can talk and go to school, and animals are secret agents.  I will admit that some of these new cartoons have a few redeeming qualities, but they lack soul.

I wonder if cartoons from long ago where meant to teach lessons instead of just provide entertainment.  Popeye taught us to eat our spinach, School House Rock taught us all kinds of things, and the Rugrats taught us that everyday can be an adventure.

Also, Gumby was always, and still is, extremely creepy!

I know that there are cartoons out now to actually teach kids things, but you just can’t beat the original cartoons.  And because of “Somewhere in Dreamland” I always dunk my PB&J sandwiches in milk.


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