Dear Spring

Spring Death


Go away.  I love warm weather, honestly I do.  What I don’t love are all the mosquitoes, spiders, and pesky water bugs that attack me.  most of all I hate the allergies!  Dang allergies will be the death of me.

I actually didn’t have bad allergies until a few years ago and I feel like I am making up for all the years I was okay.  As soon as the weather gets nice my parents decide that we need all the windows up.  Which, is fantastic really.  I love the wonderful feel of spring and having a breeze going through the house is fabulous.  It would be awesome if I could sit in a house with open windows with out my throat getting sore and my eyes burning, but sadly I can’t.

I spent most of last week with a sore throat because of the windows being up.  Everything in my room was covered in pollen.  Yeah, I dust everything and clean it up, but that doesn’t help much when the next day it’s back and thicker than the day before.  I can’t catch a break.

I finally started to recover from my sore throat and my dad decides it was a great time to cut grass.  Do you know what happens when you cut grass?  Oh yeah, the great smell of fresh cut grass fills up the house and it’s like heaven…until my eyes start burning so bad I feel like I have been crying for days.

The past few nights the windows have been closed and my allergies have settled.  I was feeling good again.  But today just happened to be a beautiful day and it’s time to open the windows again.  Fine with me, really.  Most of the pollen has settled and shouldn’t bother me.

Guess who had to cut grass AGAIN!?  Oh yeah.  So now I am sitting here with burning eyes wondering why no one takes pity on the girl with the horrible allergies.  It’s bad enough that my parents smoke in the house, but now I have to suffer this?  There are advantages to living at home with my parents, like not having to pay rent.  It’s really nice not having to worry about finding the money to pay for the roof over my head, especially since I am unemployed at the moment.  Then there is the disadvantage.  People smoking in the house and the refusal to turn on the AC and shut the windows because I’m dying with allergies.

Forgive me for my rant, but I just had to let it out.  Anyone else have horrible allergies?


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