Puppy Power

Back in August of last year the family dog, Spartacus, passed away.  He had been sick for a few weeks, but it seemed that he was getting better. On my way to work one morning he didn’t run out to greet me.  My dad happened to be awake that morning so I let him know.  We called for Spartacus because if he had gotten off his leash he would have come running.  My dad looked behind the building, where Spartacus would go to sleep and there he was.  He had tried to get as far away from us as he could because he knew he was dying.  We think that he was poisoned, but we have no proof.

We bought Spartacus at the Jockey Lot (aka flea market) soon after my grandpa died.  He was kind of  a pillow to our mourning.  Spartacus was smart and playful and even though he was a big dog he still thought he was a lap dog.  He was a playful pup for 5 years, until he got sick.

Since we lost Spartacus I have been begging my parents to let me have a dog.  Yes, I am 28 years old asking my parents for permission, because I am also unemployed and living with my parents. I would say I am pathetic, but it’s better than living on the streets.

My parents (mostly my mom) wouldn’t let me get a puppy because they wanted a fenced in yard and I was always working so I wouldn’t have time to play and train the puppy.  I got a little more persistent when I lost my job.  Now I have plenty of time to play with a puppy and train one and stay up all night when it whines because it’s lonely.

My parents and I decided to go to the Jockey Lot Saturday.  I told my mom I was after books, sunglasses, and throwing knives, but we all knew the truth.  About 10 minutes after arriving at the Jockey Lot we were on Dog Row.  Obviously it’s where all the animals are kept.  We came across one puppy who was white with black speckles.  It was a gorgeous dog, but it was also a pit bull.  I have no problems with pits, but my dad refuses to have one.  Which, with my dads temper the way it is, it would probably end up being a bad pit anyways.

We looked at a few more, but on the way out of dog row we found two very adorable, medium sized puppies.  They were German Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  One was black and white and the other was gray and white and they were only 50 dollars each.  My mom asked me if I wanted to hold one and that was all she wrote.  We all knew that the moment I held a puppy it was coming home with me.  I have a way with animals like that.

Pixel outside Pixel

Meet Pixel.  The newest member of my family.  She has not left my side since I got her…and that is going to end up being a problem.  She sleeps a lot, she is only 9 weeks old, and she will have her first vet visit this week sometime.  I wanted to name her Erza after a character on Fairy Tail (anime in case you didn’t know) but my mom said it sounded to close to Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Good news is, this puppy came house broken! Well, almost.  I take her outside every two hours and she has only had a few accidents in the house.  She has also slept in my bed for the past two nights and hasn’t had any accidents in my bed (thank you Jesus!)

I’m excited to train her to do tricks and just be a great dog.  I have to make sure she is a good dog so I can convince my parents to keep her in the house.  We keep our dogs in the house until they are a few months old and then they become outside dogs.

It’s nice having a puppy in the family again.  Except how much attention she needs all the time.



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