When Did That Happen?

My internet service has been crazy the past few days.  I wasn’t able to get online yesterday after 5pm.  I was so upset.  It finally came back up around 3 this morning and I was afraid to even try to write a post in fear that it would get lost.

While my internet was out my family and I watched my brothers favorite movie, The Boondock Saints.  I was willing to watch it just because it had Norman Reedus in it.  He is a lovely actor and I might have a slight crush on him.  I loved the movie and we ended up watching the second movie as well.  Through the entire movie I kept asking my brother questions about the characters and the story and he would just tell me he didn’t remember.  I’m still trying to figure out how true that was, but I was scolding him for claiming it was his favorite movie and he couldn’t answer questions about the movie.

My favorite movie is Labyrinth, which if you don’t know is a movie from 1986 staring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.  It’s also a Jim Henson movie.  It’s great and fantastical and its about a goblin king that steals a girls baby brother to get her attention.  If you haven’t seen you, you need to go see it now.


I could answer any question you could have about this movie.  And if you ask me a question that I don’t know I will look it up and make sure I know it next time some one asks.

After going through all this thought, yes I did think about all this while I was fussing at my brother for not knowing his favorite movie, I started wondering when Labyrinth became my favorite movie.

That one is actually really simple.  It has been my favorite movie since the first moment I saw it.  I was a year old when the movie came out.  I don’t know when my parents let me see it, but I was watching horror movies at 3, so I am sure I had already seen Labyrinth by then as well.  It has and always will be my favorite movie.  Though, Breakfast Club  is a close second.

I started wondering about all my favorite things.  Like, Johnny Depp is my favorite actor.  At what point did he become my favorite actor?  The obvious answer would be the moment I saw him on screen as Edward Scissorhands (third favorite movie), but I was 5 when that movie came out in 1990.  Did I know who Johnny Depp was or did I just think of him as Edward?  Or was it his movie Cry Baby when he became my favorite actor?  Both movies were released in 1990, but I bet it was Cry Baby that made me love Johnny Depp.  It’s such a cheesy movie but I can’t get enough of it and hearing Johnny Depp sing!

When I was younger I loved Jim Henson (still do!) and I am sure it was because of movies like Dark Crystal (another favorite) that came out three years before I was born.  And Labyrinth.  But there was also the show Fraggle Rock that I loved so much and thought was just as creepy as it was amazing.

At some point I switched from Jim Henson to Tim Burton. Or maybe that is just because Jim Henson has passed away and Tim Burton is still alive and kicking.  Or maybe because Tim Burton speaks to the Gothic side of me.  I love all things dark and Tim Burton seems to love all things dark as well.

I just feel like these favorites should have been remembered like every other milestone in our lives.  I should be able to tell you the moment I fell in love with Johnny Depp and David Bowie.  I want to remember the moment that my brain sparked to life with the realization that Labyrinth would always play a huge part in my life and would be the first movie I thought of when I was bored.

I can tell you I was around 14 when I fell in love with the Gothic world and started dressing in all black.  Though, I can’t tell you when I started collecting skulls.  I may have fallen in love with vampires because of Interview with a Vampire, actually that is probably when that happened.

I just want to know these things.  I know why these things are my favorites, but when did they become my favorites.  Have a always been a twisted soul that loved horror movies?  Probably.  Like I said, I was 3 when I would run straight to the horror section of Blockbuster (R.I.P. Blockbuster).

We are missing parts of ourselves and we don’t even know it.  Why are our favorites our favorites.  Is it because we love them or do we connect them with something and that something became misplaced but the love for the favorite stayed?  Did that make any sense?

What are your favorites?  And do you know when they became your favorites?


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