Give it a Rest

I finally gave in and watched the previews for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.  I grew up loving the ninja turtles and wishing I had a group of mutated turtles as friends.  I wanted to be April and I had a minor crush on Casey…I have a horrible fascination/weakness for guys with long hair.  These turtles were awesome, kind, funny, loved pizza, and could kick major butt.  What more could a kid ask for in a hero?

Then someone out in the world decided that the version from the 90’s just wasn’t good enough.  Someone decided they could do better.  Someone needed to make a quick buck so they decided to ride the coat tails of an already established fandom.  They didn’t even care if the end product was going to be crap.  They don’t care about preserving the greatness that is the original.  They only care that they are out of fresh ideas.

By they, I mean the Hollywood fools.  The ones that are so disconnected from the world that the only thing they see are the zeros in their bank account.  They destroy childhood memories with the simple addition of CGI.  The puppets from back in the day are no longer good enough.  Sure, let’s get rid of the amazing talent and creativity it took to build those puppets and full body suits.  Let’s replace it with lazy computer created graphics that will warp a childs mind.  Let’s get rid of the magic.

The new turtles are horrible!  Why do they look so human and creepy?  What was wrong with the original design??

And why do the big wigs feel the need to recreate classics instead of taking time to find the hidden gem among the trash?  There are plenty of scripts for amazing movies sitting in some junk pile because someone just didn’t have the time to give the new guy a chance.  If we stopped trying to please famous we could find and fund amazing, one-of-a-kind, stories that might actually add value to the world.

Sadly, we have become a world of instant satisfaction.  We want it now and we expect nothing less.  Feed our minds with garbage so we can forget how boring our lives are.  Let us sit in front of the TV and watch mind killing shows that have no meaning, just pictures that move.

Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and shows.  I enjoy a little mindless entertainment from time to time.  The thing is, everything is the same now.  It’s the same story line, the same bad guy, the same hero, the same love story.

Seriously, how many times can you remake Carrie?  There are like 5 versions now, and nothing much about the story line changes.  Also, Willy Wonka was remade.  As much as I love Tim Burton, it would have been better if the new version was actually about CHARLIE and the chocolate factory, after Charlie had become the new owner.  Is there anyone other than me that is interested on how well Charlie, the kid who grew up poor and ignored by others, took to suddenly being the owner of a very successful business?  And someone please tell me how many more Batman, Superman, and Spider-man remakes must we endure?  I understand that these hero’s are all the rage and everyone loves them, but there are other heroes!  Please pick a new hero to make over and over again.

Or how about this, come up with a new idea and new heroes.  We need something fresh in the mix. Something never done before!  Though, I don’t mind the vampire movies or the adaptations of books.  Just stop changing the book covers to match the movie posters.


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