Dangerous Hobby

I have this image of myself.  An image that I am trying hard to accomplish.  In this image I am smart with all kinds of things to prove it (college degrees and certifications), I am slim and healthy (still working on the healthy part…slim will follow), and a girl who can handle her self.  I wanted to take karate and boxing classes.  I even wanted to take dance lessons so I could be graceful as well.  I wanted to be the girl who wore leather because it was practical and I looked good in it.

Yeah, I realize that this is all just superficial things, but sometimes I feel like if my outside appearance isn’t catching then everyone will miss how awesome I am.  Don’t worry, I am not so shallow that I judge people by their appearance.  I rather enjoy getting to know people no matter what they look like, I just can’t hold myself to the same standards.  I sometimes feel like the world doesn’t treat me like others and I have to fight harder to be seen.  Of course this could be because I am a Leo and I crave attention, but I am too much of a good girl to do anything bad for that attention.

One of the things that belong in this image of myself is the one thing that I am actually making a little progress in.  I throw knives!  I didn’t start throwing because of Hunger Games or any other movie that features a female with awesome throwing skills.  It’s just something that has always appealed to me.  Also, I think it would come in super hand when the zombies attack.  Then I wouldn’t have to get too close to the zombies, I could just throw a knife and hit front and center of their foreheads.

Back in July of last year I decided I wanted to get serious about throwing knives.  Like, not throwing them at the wall anymore, kind of serious.  Yeah, I have a bunch of knife holes in my wall from practicing in the house.  My parents should probably be mad at me about it, but I don’t think they really care.


I made this thing for 40 dollars.  My dad helped me put it together, even though I asked him to let me do it myself.  He doesn’t listen very well and didn’t trust me with the saw.  Of course, seeing the holes in my wall from throwing knives, I guess I wouldn’t trust me with a saw either.

I had this thing painted and ready to go, then it rained and all my paint washed right off.  Lucky for me my dad was still trying to help and he repainted it.  He added a little extra…I didn’t want it looking so girly, but my dad…he just does what he thinks I will like.  Even if I told him a million times that I just wanted the black.

I don’t get out and practice as much as I should, but for Christmas my parents got me a a couple of sets of throwing knives.


I have small ones that are about the size of my hand, from the tip of my middle finger to the bottom of my palm.


And big ones that are about the length of my forearm.  I love the bigger ones.  I can stand back further and there is this amazing and satisfying thump that they create when they stick in the target.  The smaller ones have a thump as well, it just not as loud.  Also, when the bigger ones don’t hit properly, they sound an alarm that can be heard through the entire neighborhood.  I’m surprised my neighbors haven’t complained. Although, I don’t think I would bother someone with knives in their hands either.


I have been practicing a lot more lately and my target is taking a nice little beating.  It looks even worse then this now.  There are huge chunks taken out of the wood.  Most of the damage was done with the bigger knives.  And yep, that was a throw, not set up for a picture.  I was rather proud of my almost bulls-eye shot.

1boardThe poor target sits up against a tree out in my yard.  It’s heavy so moving it around is a pain, which is why it stays right were it is.  It sits out there in the rain and sun.  It’s held up pretty well, but sadly I think it is about time to retire it and make a new one.  The boards are coming apart and some of the smaller knives go right through the cracks.  I have lost several knives in the grass, but I always find them.

One day I want to be the awesome chick who can put a knife between your eyes before you know whats coming.  I am working towards my place in the world once the apocalypse hits!  I just have to get the rest of my image down pat so I can be the woman I see in my head.


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