My Addiction

I have many addictions.  So many that I forget what they are until I come across something that speaks to one of my addictions.  I collect finger nail polish, I have to get a new color at least once a month or I go mad.  I am addicted romance!  If it’s a book, movie, show, anime or even day dreaming.  If there is a potential love story I am all over it!  And let’s not forget my addiction to notebooks.  There is just something about blank pages that drive my imagination wild.  Oh, and pens!  I am always buying new pens, even when I don’t need new ones.

My biggest addiction though, is books.  I am always buying new books.  Every time I walk into Walmart I have to hit up the book section to browse the covers.  I am the worst when it comes to book covers.  They draw me in and even if the story doesn’t sound all that great.

Then there is also the opportunity to buy e-books.  I have two Kindles!  I go through the suggested books and add them to my list of books I want to read.  Then on days that I feel the worst I go on a shopping spree…online.  Books.  I have to have books! I have to own the stories and worlds and pieces of authors that are sitting out there waiting for me to find them.

Maybe it’s not even the books that I am addicted to, but the stories within.  The worlds that take me away from the bland life that I have grown accustom to.  The places that I can explore and the hundreds of relationships that I can be a part of.  It’s the friends that I can have and the perfect life that I can live.

No…it’s the books.  The smell, the feel, the words, and the beautiful cover art.  For some reason there is something relaxing about buying a new book.  I am a strange girl.  When I go on a shopping spree it’s not for clothes and shoes and jewelry, it’s for books.  I can dream longer and be happier longer with a book in my hands than a new pair of shoes.

There is no greater escape then falling into someone else’s imagination.


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