The Wizard of Oz: High School Style


I have a friend that has a daughter in high school.  Her daughter is part of  the stage crew of the drama team.  She had auditioned for one of the parts, but didn’t get it.

The play was The Wizard of Oz and for a high school play it was fantastic.  Actually, this could have been one of those plays that you pay tons of money to see.  It was perfect and all the students were so professional.  I was actually a little sad when the play was over.

When I was in high school we didn’t have plays.  Even if we did I wouldn’t have gone to them.  I was so anti-high school and now I just want to go back and redo it.  Actually, I want to get involved with plays.  I think I could totally do stage crew or small parts.  It could be a side thing.  I wonder if I am too old to start acting in plays.  I still look like I am 18, so maybe that helps.  I could play a teenager for the rest of my life!  Or for the most part.

They had the play down so well.  I don’t think anyone stumbled over a single line and there was only one technical difficulty with the Wizard.  For the munchkins they used little elementary kids and it went over so well.  The kids were spot on and mature.  There was one set of kids that were kind of too quiet for what they were signing, but it didn’t matter, they were still adorable.

The costumes were steampunk inspired which had my attention to start.  I love the steampunk style.

The stage props and sets were so phenomenal!  They were huge and heavy and took up the whole stage.  Nothing about this play gave away that it was a high school play other than the fact that we were sitting in a high school auditorium.  I would see this play again and again.  It was actually a little depressing when the play was over.

I only got a few pictures with the actors.  My favorite was the wicked witch!

Wicked Witch

She probably had the best costume and this girl had the wicked witch laugh down pat!  You would swear she was the person from the movies doing the laugh.  Everything about her performance was so good!

Then there was the scarecrow.

Scarecrow and Lion

The kid playing the scarecrow actually sprang his ankle during one of the shows and has continued to perform.  He was all over the place.  It was almost like he was really made of straw.  Of course the lion bombed our photo.  Right after I got my picture with the scarecrow they asked the lion to move so I didn’t get a photo with just him.  The actor playing the lion was good too, but the scarecrow stole the show.  He was also the owner of the dog that they used for Toto.  The dog was just as good of an actor as the rest of them!

I didn’t get a picture with the Tin Man either because he was crowded!  I think he was the favorite because the line was so long.  I didn’t want to wait and my friends were waiting on me so we could head home.

I did get a picture with a flying monkey!

Flying Monkey

These guys were creepy!  At one point they came flying out from the sides of the auditorium.  It scared the people sitting near the doors.  It was so perfect the way they came out.  It was during the part where Dorthy and her friends are in the forest looking for the Wicked Withes castle.

I have another picture with the flying monkey.  He decided to bomb me and Glinda the good witch.


Sneaky little monkey!  I didn’t even notice it until I got to my car and started sorting through my pictures.  I was excited about it.  You can never go wrong with a flying monkey photo bomb.

I was impressed with these high school students.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I see them in movies or Broadway one day.  I could just be impressed because it is only the second play I have seen (the first was Grease when I was 12), but they still did a wonderful job.

I know one thing, I will never miss another play that this school puts on.  I couldn’t have asked for a better night out!


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