Virtual vs. Physical

Electronic Vs. PrintedEvery one seems to be debating over E-readers or printed books, which is better?  My question is, why is this even a debate?  Why should I even have to choose which one is better?  Sure, I might prefer one over the other, but I don’t want to have to choose.  I honestly love both.

I read and love Stephen King’s books.  I admit to believing that this man is a genius and I get excited every time I hear he has a new book coming out.  Everyone knows that he writes massively huge and heavy books.  I usually read in bed before I turn out the lights to get some sleep.  I also have carpel tunnel which is caused by repetitive motions (writing, typing, and years of retail work) and it can cause my wrist, hand, and my entire arm up into my shoulder, to go numb.  Which means, holding a heavy book for hours (because I don’t know when to put a book down and go to sleep) is almost impossible or leaves me in a little pain.  So, since I have this need to own every Stephen King book, I will buy the printed copy and also buy it on my Kindle.

I also do this if I have been waiting for a book to release and just can’t wait to get it in the mail.  I will buy the e-book so I don’t have to wait.  I am extremely impatient, especially when it comes to books.

I love my Kindle and the convince it offers. Though, it lacks the magic of a book.

With a Kindle or any e-reader you don’t get that musical sound of a page crinkling as you turn it or the way the spine pops the further you get in the book.  When I go to a used book store I actually look for books that have a little bit of damage to their spine because I know those are the ones that were loved the most.  Those books are the ones that people couldn’t put down and ended up passed out on their couch in the middle of a chapter because they thought they could fight the fatigue to get through one more chapter.

Also, with a book you can’t forget the smell.  The amazing and enchanting aroma of the pages that carry words, waiting to trap you in it’s spell.  I don’t care if it is a brand new book or one that has been passed around for years.  There is no perfume or smell of nature better than that of an open book.

Call me weird, but there is something whimsical about running my fingers down a page full of words that will find some way to sweep me away.  It’s almost like feeling the heartbeat of the characters and hearing the authors frantic pen as they fight to chase the words that will soothe a broken soul.

Okay, so maybe I am a little partial to a physical printed book that I can touch and feel.  I did spend most of my life attached to one or two at any given moment.  Books were my hide away and they work just as good as a phone when you don’t want to talk to people.  While an e-reader doesn’t hold the same amount of magic, the words still do.  It’s really a matter of opinion and with people trying so hard to downsize and condense their belongings, an e-reader is ideal.

Me?  I will always have stacks of books lining my walls and a book shelf bulging with new or old worlds to explore.  My dream will always be to have a library like the one given to Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Also, when the world is hit with some kind of strange EMP and all electronics fail, you can find me hiding out in my secret library hiding out behind piles of books.



3 thoughts on “Virtual vs. Physical

  1. bfostrickson says:

    I just read another post about this before yours. I’ll always be a physical book kind of girl, but I try to do trade-ins to keep them from piling up. I’m about to read The Stand, I’ve only read a few by Stephen King and I hope it’s a keeper!

    • heartofheather says:

      My favorite Stephen King book is Desperation. It’s not as long as his others. I have actually never read The Stand, but it is on my list of books to read.

      I have a hard time trading in my books. I will trade in the ones I didn’t like, but that is very few. I would rather drown in books then trade them in. lol

      • bfostrickson says:

        I have too many to want to keep them all, so I had to start trading them in. I had to make a strict line of “liked or loved”, haha, it was tough.

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